Some Parting Thoughts

Well, our time in Romania is over and tomorrow we will head to Budapest, Hungary, where we will spend the night before beginning our flight home early Sunday morning. The time has gone by quickly and well. It was great to see everyone in the congregation again and spend the week with them. Participating in their VBS was a blessing to us and hopefully to the children of the community. And as always, sowing the seed of the kingdom was a privilege. 

We need to say a big “thank you” to our family at the 10th Street Church of Christ for making our trip possible. It is your passion for mission as well as your generosity that made this trip happen. And I need to personally thank Claude Flynn for scheduling the different men who have spoken at 10th Street while I’ve been away. 

We also need to say a great big “thank-you” to Vasile Iuhos. For both of our visits to Romania, Vasile has been our unofficial host. Among other things, his duties have included picking us up and taking us to the airport in Budapest (about a four hour trip), chauffeuring us around, negotiating prices for us at country markets, being an unending fount of information about Romanian customs and culture, and generally watching over us to make sure we didn’t do anything really dumb.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, two years ago Vasile was a carefree bachelor with lots of time on his hands.  Now he is a husband to Anca and father of Matei. This means he has more responsibilities and less time. We tried to be respectful of that. Everyone on our team had been here before except our daughter (who has more overseas travel experience than any of us), so we’re not very high maintenance. Still, we appreciate how smoothly Vasile runs things, his goodwill, and humor. He is a fun person to be around. Goodbye Romania.  Lord willing, we will see you again!

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