Jesus and Organized Religion (4)

There’s more to say from Matthew 23 concerning Jesus’ teaching about organized religion. These bullet points will give you a starting point for your own research and study.

3. Jesus was for humility and against pride. (v. 5-12)

4. He was against building walls and for building bridges. (v. 13-14)

5. He was against winning people to the wrong thing. (v. 15)

6. He was for simple honesty and against playing games with God and people. (v. 16-22)

7. He was for pursuing the heart of God rather than the fringes. (v. 23-24)

8. Jesus was for doing the hard work of the heart and against superficial religion. (v. 25-28)

9. Jesus was for recognizing our need for mercy and against self-righteousness. (v. 29-30)



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