Genesis and Israel

Why Did God Create Man? (1)

There Is One God! (1)

Work And The Image Of God (1-2)

Adam And The Hallelujah Chorus (2:23)

A Great Plan for Life (9, 11)

We Are Not the Answer (Tomorrowland) (1-11)

The Blessing of Blending (2:24)

What Happened in the Garden? (3)

The Forbidden Fruit of Genesis 4 (4)

When God Weeps (6)

When God Shows His Colors (8-9)

Losing Our Religion (11:1-9)

Embracing The Unpredictable (11)

Settling in at Babel (11)

Crazy Hope (12,15)

Starry, Starry Night (15:6)

Moving Out of Memphis (12-50)

One Is All You Need (18)

On a Hill Far Away (1) (22)

On a Hill Far Away (2) (22)

On a Hill Far Away (3) (22)

Happy Fathers Day from Mt. Moriah (22)

Doing Without by Looking Within (26)

Something to Shake Our Heads About (29-31)

Joseph’s Brothers (37,45,50)

Limping Into The Sunrise (1) (32)

Limping Into The Sunrise (2) (32)

The Hope Powered Life (37)

Oscar And Joseph (45:5)

The Obedience of the Nations Shall Be His (49:10)

The Holy Work of Parenting (50:24-25)

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