Flipping the Script

“God is with us”—that’s vital to know, isn’t it? From Psalm 23 to Romans 8, the Scripture tells God’s people in no uncertain terms that He is with them. It’s a little strange in light of this that we spend as much time as we do wondering about the presence of God in our lives.

It’s as if God is in one room and we’re in another and there’s a connecting door between the two. The room God is in is always brightly lit because God is light. The room we’re in is sometimes light, sometimes dark, and a lot of in-between. During the dark times we anxiously cut our eyes over to the door and look for the light shining around its edges to be assured of our Father’s presence on the other side. That’s understandable—occasions like that call for added assurance, don’t they?

It’s the other times that are more puzzling. If God is with us, if He has clearly told us so in His word, then why do we have such a difficult time embracing this and moving forward? We’re like an airplane in a continual holding pattern despite the fact that the tower has cleared us to land.

Could the answer be that we are putting too much effort into worrying about God’s presence in our life and too little effort into making sure we are present in God’s life? To go back to our two room illustration for a moment, is there a better way to be assured of the presence of God than continually looking at the door to see if the light is shining through? Absolutely! 

What is it?

How about walking over to the door and throwing it open!

Then the light of God’s presence would flood our room. There would be no need to anxiously check the door every few minutes. We would be living in the light.

When we are present in God’s life, we are in His word and hear His voice. We commune with Him in prayer. We are sensitive to the needs of others and allow our hands to be His hands in reaching out to them. We are not seeking to have our will approved in heaven so much as we are trying to implement heaven’s will on earth.

Being present in God’s life is a choice that we make. Do you need to open the door and start living in the presence of God? Three thousand people did in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost when they came to God as they were baptized and received His Spirit (Acts 2:36-39). In v. 42-47 we’re told about some of the ways they continued to make themselves present in God’s life. All of this reflects the principle of Philippians 2:12-13—we work out our salvation as God works in us.

Want to experience God’s presence in your life? Try flipping the script and putting your effort into making yourself present in His life.

Coming to God


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I grew up the among the cotton fields, red clay and aerospace industry of north Alabama. My wife and I are blessed with three adult children and five grandchildren.

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