The Man Of Mercy

The Genesis Of Jesus (1:1,18)

Aaahh, Joseph!

God Is With Us! (1)

God’s Wish For The World (1)

A Heart Set On Worship (2)

Matthew, The Scripture, And Jesus (2)

What Are You Doing With Your Treasure (2)

This Is Our Savior! (3-4)

What Happened In The Wilderness (4)

Something To Think About (5:3-12)

The Challenging Beatitudes (5:3-12)

The Blessing Of Mourning (5:4)

Pure In Heart, Powerful In Vision (5:8)

Jesus And The Fulfillment Of Scripture (5:17)

Morality And Righteousness (5:20)

(D)anger (5:21-26)

Dealing Decisively With Sin (5:29-30)

Speaking The Truth In A White Lie World (5:33-37; 23:16-22)

Righteousness And The Kingdom Of Heaven (5-7)

Jesus And Virtue Signaling (6:1-18)

Giving God Fast Prayers (6:1-18)

Sharing God In Prayer (6:9)

Winning The Day (6:12,34)

Rescue From The Heart Of Darkness (6:13)

Securing Your Treasure (6:19-21)

You Are The Treasure That I Seek (6:19ff)

Streamlining For The Kingdom (6:19-21)

Up All Night (6:25ff)

A Sense Of The Sacred (7:6)

Dead Ends, Predators, And Rotten Fruit (7:13ff)

Trap Doors And Trip Wires (7:21-23)

A Sandcastle Faith (7:24-27)

Built To Withstand (7:24-27)

Standing In The Storm (7:24-29)

Called And Claimed (1) (9:9-13)

Called And Claimed (2) (9:9-13)

Looking Through The Lens (1) (12:1-8)

Looking Through The Lens (2) (12:1-8)

Understanding Scripture Through Understanding God (12:1-8)

Pondering The Parables (13)

Meeting Jesus In The Dark Of The Night (14:22-33)

Clean Hearts vs. Clean Hands (15:1-11)

Crumbs From The King (15:21-28)

The Key To The Church (16:13ff)

Forward By Backward (17:11)

Love, Liberation, And Life (18:3-4)

Faith In Our Father (19:16-26)

Letting God Be God (22:23-33)

What Bible Study Should Be (22:23-33)

Say What You Mean (23:16-22)

Justice, Mercy, And Faithfulness (23:23)

Matthew 24 And Loving In Adversity (24)

People First (25)

Forever In Gratitude (26:6-13)

When Jesus Sang (26:30)

Our Sins Were There (27)

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I grew up the among the cotton fields, red clay and aerospace industry of north Alabama. My wife and I are blessed with three adult children and five grandchildren.

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