Mark And Chronology

Jesus From Mark (1)

Jesus From Mark (2)

Face To Face With The Good News (1)

Kingdom Authority (1)

Not Even Close! (1)

Learning To Listen To God (1) (1:35)

Learning to Listen To God (2) (1:35)

The Glories Of God’s Kingdom (2:1-3:6)

The Joy That Jesus Brings (2:18-27)

He Cares! (3:7-12)

Water Is Thicker Than Blood (3:35)

How Is Your Hearing? (4)

Tremble (4:35-41)

When A Little Water Gets In Your Boat (4:35-41)

Lord Of The Tombs (5:1-20)

Saying Goodbye To Your Pigs (5:1-20)

Reaching Out To Jesus (5:25-34)

Touchable (5:25-34)

Is He Amazed By Us? (6:1-6)

When Jesus Spoke At His Home Church (6:1-6)

When Jesus Went Home (Mark 6:1-6)

Perception Is Not Always Reality (6:1-6)

Embracing The Ordinary (6:16)

Toasters And Traditions (7:1-20)

Mark’s Kingdom Forecast (7:1-30)

Outsider Insight (7:24-30)

I Can’t Believe Jesus Said That! (1) (7:24-30)

I Can’t Believe Jesus Said That! (2) (7:24-30)

Caesarea Philippi (8:27-34)

The Messy Messiah (8:27-34)

On The Mountain With Jesus (9:2-9)

Jesus And The Little Children (10:13-16)

Receiving The Kingdom Like A Child (10:13-16)

That’s Just Not Right! (10:13-16)

Insider Entitlement (10:35-45)

Virtual Faith (11:12-21)

The Showdown On Spiritual Authority (11:27-33)

All You Need Is Love (12:28-34)

The Return Of Jesus? (1) (13)

The Return Of Jesus? (2) (13)

Breaking Open Our Jar (14:3-9)

Breaking Open The Jar (14:3-9)

Blood, Covenant, And Jesus (14:23-25)

A Rebel And The Prince Of Peace (15:27)

Thinking About The Resurrection (16)


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