Exhausted Yet Keeping Up The Pursuit

After Gideon and his three hundred men have thrown the Midianite army into panic with their trumpets, jars, and torches (and the help of the Lord—Judges 7:22), they set out in pursuit of those who have survived and fled.  In 8:4, we’re told that they are “exhausted yet keeping up the pursuit”. 

If there had been social media in Gideon’s day, this would have been his status.  And it would have been accurate because it says a great deal about him.  He has gone from being a doubt-filled, sign seeking follower to a believer who refuses to back down.  I’m tempted to say this shows maturity (and it does), but I think the bigger truth here it that hanging in there, persevering, is the means to maturity.  Gideon is going to be all right because even though he’s face to face with fatigue—he’s not going to quit.  He and his men will keep riding. 

Exhausted yet keeping up the pursuit.  There’s a lot in those six words but I think it’s the final five that are the most important.  In fact, the first word is just a variable.  It describes the particular circumstance that Gideon and his men were facing while the last five words describe their response to their situation—and it’s an excellent response. In fact, these last five words should be the status for all disciples.  You could put anything in for the first word as long as you finished with the final five.

                        “Struggling yet keeping up the pursuit.”                        

“Anxious yet keeping up the pursuit.”                       

“Feeling blessed and keeping up the pursuit.”

“Dealing with cancer yet keeping up the pursuit.”

Well, you get the idea.  If we know and serve the God of Gideon, we should emulate his attitude and actions in this regard.  And if you look around, my guess is that you’ll be able to find some people who live this way.  They’re better people for it and the world is a better place because of them.     



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