Approaching Romans

Good News And Gratitude (1:18ff)

Creation, Rebellion And Redemption (1:18ff, 8:19-2)

The Flagship Nation And Oneness In Christ (2-3)

Father Abraham (4)

Gloriously Ever After (5:3)

Life Assurance (5:8)

Big Wheel, Little Wheel (5:15ff, 3:22-24)

Wedding Vows And Baptism (6)

Eight-Side Baptisteries And The Resurrection Of Jesus (6:4-5)

I Fought The Law And Sin Won (7)

Sincerely (But No Longer) Yours (8:1)

Israel, The Torah And The Flesh (8:3)

Experiencing The Word Of God (8:16)

Splinters (8:18)

Some Background For Romans 9-11

Torah Righteousness vs. True Righteousness (1) (9:1-10:5)

Torah Righteousness vs. True Righteousness (2) (10:6-14)

Living The Gospel (12)

The Real, The Right, And The Wrong (12)

Don’t Hold Back! (12:1)

“I’ve Never Seen That Before!” (12:17-21)

The Predators Vs. The Ducks (12:21)

Selling Out To Good (12:21)

A God-Honoring Choice (14:5-6)

“They Don’t Get Me!” (1) (14:1-15:13)

They Don’t Get Me!” (2) (14:1-15:13)

Waiting Or Walking? (15:4)

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