Bridge May Ice In Cold Weather

Bridge may ice in cold weather. That’s what a sign on Interstate 85 says.  Of course, for about 11½ months of the year it’s not relevant, but that’s okay. Everyone understands the seasonal nature of the message. Furthermore, despite the fact that this sign is quite limited in what it applies to, motorists are somehow still able to figure out that the 70 mph sign applies all of the time.  

I find it simply incredible that people are able to be so discerning in regard to highway sign interpretation and wholly unable to interpret Scripture. We hear over and over and over that there is no way we are supposed to practice biblical truth A because we don’t practice biblical truth Z.  It makes no difference that Z is clearly a seasonal truth whose time has come and gone (and is not coming back), or that A is clearly independent of covenant and culture. 

It’s all just way too much to expect anyone to understand so we chunk it all out the window of our car as we obey the speed limit and ignore the ice on bridges sign.

It seems to me that Jesus said something somewhere to a group of people who were adept at recognizing signs in regard to the weather but were clueless in regard to spiritual matters (Matthew 16:1-5).  I didn’t get the idea from the tone of His words that this was acceptable to Him!

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