Caesarea Philippi

Here’s some verse from Mark 8:27-35.

Caesarea Philippi

At Caesarea Philippi He asked them one day, how others saw Him—what did they have to say?

A prophet of some kind, a man to revere, but beyond that the people weren’t sure—it just wasn’t clear.

He might have paused for a moment to take this in (the text doesn’t say). But He did ask what they personally thought of Him (that’s plain as day).

I wonder if there was silence or if they stared at the ground, did they become uncomfortable and start looking around?

“You are the Messiah,” Peter firmly said, and the matter was done.

But then Jesus warned them not to tell anyone.

What it meant to be the Messiah He began to unfold, suffering, rejection, being put to death—He didn’t withhold.

He spoke of His resurrection, but they seemed not to hear, the light of their hope had yielded to fear.

Peter took his Messiah aside and rebuked Him severely, then Jesus looked at His disciples and countered him clearly.

“Get behind me, Satan! You do not have in mind the concerns of God,” Peter’s mind was on selfish things, his thinking was flawed.

Then He called to the crowd and He spoke of our cross, and how life can be found only after its loss.

Most people would rather wear a one than carry one it’s true, but the Lord had a cross and disciples have one too.



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