The Day Has Arrived

In the confirmation hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson this week, she was asked if she could provide a definition for the word woman. Jackson demurred saying, “I’m not a biologist.”

There’s a lot to unpack here—confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominees have sadly regressed to the opposing party using the occasion to air their current grievances while nominees smile, affirm their name, and essentially take no position on anything else—that’s simply where we are today. Still, I think this was a fair question to ask because if confirmed, she will undoubtedly have to rule sooner rather than later on the spate of gender issues currently making their way through our legal system. To state the obvious, how does she propose to rule on a gender equity case if she is unable to differentiate between men and women?

But there’s more at play. Ms. Jackson seems to have no doubt that she is a woman, no doubt that she was nominated because she is an African-American woman, and she has a daughter as well. So, I think it’s clear to say that she knows what a woman is. However, due to the gender anarchists and their inordinate influence, she won’t say anything about DNA, chromosomes, anatomy, hormones, or other markers of gender. If she does, she risks the kind of vitriol that J. K, Rowling has been subjected to and that’s not the kind of thing any judicial nominee wants to wade into.

Instead, Ms. Jackson acted as if the exception (intersex births are quite rare—as low as 0.018 %) is the rule, and the rule (the other 99.982 %), is the exception. Strange math indeed! Furthermore, all of those people involved in gender reveal parties must be mistaken or somehow are privy to better information than she has as a Supreme Court nominee. In short, she toed the ridiculously radicalized line that the Emperor is wearing clothes despite what all of the evidence screams at her.

It’s a sad and broken world when someone desiring to sit on the highest court in our land, sift through uber difficult cases, and work for justice is unable or unwilling to take a stand on something as basic as the difference between men and women. Then there’s the chaos and confusion she is contributing to in regard to the young and impressionable. It was G. K. Chesterton who said, “We are on the road to producing a race of men to mentally modest to believe in the multiplication table.” Or in this case, basic biology.

It seems as if that day has arrived.

Gender is about biology, not psychology. Though we should have the utmost compassion for anyone struggling with gender dysphoria, gender is about who we are rather than what we think we are. We read from time to time of people who imagine they are a different race than what they actually are. Imagining that doesn’t make it so! That is true for gender as well. Gender is about what God has made us to be rather than what we might want to make of ourselves. It is a function of God, not humanity. It is not assigned or surgically imposed. It is God given.

We would be much better off to treat it that way.

Scripture And Sexuality


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