Hand Grenades, Barbeque, And Frontier Law

Both believers and non-believers are capable of hurling what the Scripture says like hand grenades at the expense of failing to pursue the deeper, more primary issue of what the Scripture means by what it says. This predictably produces more heat than light and in turn results in more factionalizing than uniting. Interestingly, the Scripture zeroes in on thisContinue reading “Hand Grenades, Barbeque, And Frontier Law”

Great Or Small?

Our need for God’s forgiveness (as well as its relationship to us forgiving others), is brought home in a major way in a story that Luke records in 7:36-50 of his gospel. Following Tiede (Augsburg Commentary), it seems that having shown Jesus’ teaching (“When Jesus has finished saying all of this,” – v. 1), LukeContinue reading “Great Or Small?”

“Go Tell John”

Blessed is the one who does not fall away on account of Me. (Luke 7:23).  Have you ever wondered how John took these words from Jesus?  I have. The message from Jesus came to him some time after he had been imprisoned by Herod Antipas.  Antipas was part of the Herodian dynasty.  The Herodians embodied Lord Acton’s adageContinue reading ““Go Tell John””

God’s Will And Circumstances

The books of 1 and 2 Samuel are concerned with David’s ascension to the throne of Israel.  The writer wants Israel to know that the great king, the man after God’s heart, didn’t come into power through coercion, duplicity, or coup.  He waited on God.  He put his trust in Yahweh to bring him to the throne when the timeContinue reading “God’s Will And Circumstances”

God’s Redeeming Curse (2)

What does this redemptive curse entail? I think the better question would be to ask what it doesn’t involve? According to Deuteronomy 32 (the same text that spoke of God’s moral perfection), it’s all encompassing (see v. 23-27). Tornados, tsunamis, droughts, earthquakes, and famine, are all under His domain. Even the abuse, brutality, and criminality of the wicked (althoughContinue reading “God’s Redeeming Curse (2)”

God’s Redeeming Curse (1)

Mankind was cruising along in the garden and it was great! There was uninterrupted fellowship with the Father, perfect companionship with a special partner, and a an uncursed creation in which to live (who can really say what that was like?).  All we had to do was follow God’s loving directions given for our ownContinue reading “God’s Redeeming Curse (1)”

God Is No Lucy!

Moses reported this to the Israelites, but they did not listen to him because of their discouragement and cruel bondage. (Exodus 6:9). It hadn’t been that way at the beginning.  When Moses and Aaron initially met with the leaders of the Israelites and told them of God’s plans for them, they did more than believe.  Upon hearing ofContinue reading “God Is No Lucy!”

Fresh Faith (2)

Let’s look at each of these more closely.     Renewing ourselves as disciples: There are few things more toxic spiritually than a failure to learn and grow. This happens because people either think they already know it all or they are apathetic about learning. Either way, the results are the same.  I’ve known some people over the years whoContinue reading “Fresh Faith (2)”

Fresh Faith (1)

In Matthew 9:14-17, Jesus refused to mix the new wine (teaching) He brought with the toxic stuff the Pharisees were dispensing.  Whether it was His teaching on fasting or some other issue, He wasn’t going to try to fit HIs teaching and ministry in with theirs (as perhaps the disciples of John were attempting to do). Continue reading “Fresh Faith (1)”