Tree Branches and our Eternal Home

My father has been gone for almost a quarter of a century. Life has come full circle so that I’m almost the age he was when he died. I have three adult children and five grandchildren. I have a brother who is two-and-half years older than me and one aunt on my mom’s side ofContinue reading “Tree Branches and our Eternal Home”

Top Ten List for VBS in Romania

Okay, this is what you’ve been waiting for—our top 10 list from VBS. Drum roll please . . .  # 10 — Hunt the Duck (dodge ball . . . sort of) – I think it’s called this because two people stand on either side, while the rest of the kids (ducks) are in the middle. One throws atContinue reading “Top Ten List for VBS in Romania”

Top Ten Things I’ve Learned as a Dad

Ah fatherhood, for a man, there’s nothing quite like it. It will take to new heights and bring you to your knees–sometimes all in the same day. I am blessed to be the father to three children who all made it to adulthood. I suppose they learned something from me. I know I learned aContinue reading “Top Ten Things I’ve Learned as a Dad”

This Is Where We Came In

All families have their own little peculiarities that mark them as family. These also serve the purpose of providing wonderful fodder for their children to swap with other children in the never-ending game of one-upmanship, a competition which has been going on longer than the Olympics. One of the peculiarities of my family was thatContinue reading “This Is Where We Came In”

The Tree (1)

Here’s a story from my childhood days.  Thanks to Paula Morrel and the good people at Tales from the South for allowing me to share it on their program and publishing it in their book Tales from the South: Volume 3. One day when I was about twelve, I was out in the spacious field that served as our back yard. BothContinue reading “The Tree (1)”

The Part That Matters

When our oldest daughter was in first grade, I would drop her off at school on my way to work. Our daily trip took us by a large cemetery located in middle of town. Being six years old, she had a number of questions about it which I thought I did a decent job answering.   She wasn’t satisfied thoughContinue reading “The Part That Matters”

Standing at the End of Life’s Diving Board

It was the last day of swimming class and Alicia was standing on the end of the diving board looking miserable. About 49 ½ % of her wanted to jump off and 50 ½ % didn’t.  If a five year old girl is old enough to be conflicted, she was the picture of it. I was treadingContinue reading “Standing at the End of Life’s Diving Board”