Iron Sharpening Iron (Operation Mincemeat)

Well, I liked Operation Mincemeat—despite the lukewarm reviews it received. Of course, I tend to watch movies a few minutes at a time (and often over a few days) while I write or do other work on my laptop, so what is slow-moving to most people often isn’t noticed as much by me. Another complaint,Continue reading “Iron Sharpening Iron (Operation Mincemeat)”

We’re Going To Need A Bigger Boat!

We’re all familiar with the movie director, Steven Spielberg. He’s made a boatload of movies—from franchise pictures like Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park, to the cute movie about the extra-terrestrial, to the powerful, dramatic portrayals of Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan. But before he made any of those, he made a movie about three guys, a boat that was tooContinue reading “We’re Going To Need A Bigger Boat!”

Swords Out! (The Darkest Hour)

There shall be no negotiated peace. That’s what Winston Churchill says in his address to his Outer Cabinet toward the end of the movie, That Darkest Hour. The movie focuses on the tumultuous events of May 20-28, 1940. England and France had previously declared war on Germany in September of ’39 (after their invasion ofContinue reading “Swords Out! (The Darkest Hour)”

Worthy (Lawrence Of Arabia)

T.E. Lawrence was one of the more fascinating and controversial figures of the previous century.  While there is still a healthy, ongoing debate aimed at separating the man from the myth, we are sure of certain things. We know he was a gifted writer of books and letters. He published a translation of Homer’s Odyssey. We know inContinue reading “Worthy (Lawrence Of Arabia)”

Who We Are (Departures)

Departures is a Japanese movie that won 2009 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. As you might expect, it’s little different, but elegant in its presentation and musical score. It is the story of Daigo Kobayashi, a cellist with the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra. As the film begins, the orchestra has folded for financial reasons andContinue reading “Who We Are (Departures)”

Who Really Has Grit? (True Grit)

Everything about the Coen brothers’ True Grit feels like a western . . . the music, the costumes, the sets, the cinematography, the language. Okay, maybe not the language. In keeping with the book, the characters in the movie rarely use contractions in their speech, with the result being that the dialogue (which sounded wooden in the original movie version),Continue reading “Who Really Has Grit? (True Grit)”

Who Needs Our Lifeline? (A Street Cat Named Bob)

James Bowen is down to his last chance at life in A Street Cat Named Bob. He’s a heroin addict, living on the streets of London, busking (playing music for donations) and eating out of garbage cans to stay alive. A social worker assigned to his case gets him into a methadone program but he usesContinue reading “Who Needs Our Lifeline? (A Street Cat Named Bob)”

What Can God Do? (Room With A View)

Lucy Honeychurch is a young Englishwoman struggling to find herself and decide how she wants to live in E. M. Forster’s novel, A Room With A View. In particular, she is faced with whether she wishes to retain the sensibilities and manners with which she has been raised or to reject this upbringing and live differently. Her struggleContinue reading “What Can God Do? (Room With A View)”

Waiting For Death (No Country For Old Men)

Movies by the Coen brothers tend to leave me hot or cold but never lukewarm. No County for Old Men is no exception. It’s a dark movie (maybe their darkest), but it has something to say— especially in the character of Ed Tom Bell (played by Tommie Lee Jones). The story (adapted from the novel of theContinue reading “Waiting For Death (No Country For Old Men)”

“You Want To Talk About It?” (Bella)

Ever since by faith I saw the streamThy flowing wounds supply,Redeeming love has been my theme,And shall be till I die. Those words are from the William Cowper song, There is a Fountain. They point us to one of the most powerful qualities of love—it’s redemptive character. It’s Barnabas standing up for Saul when everyone else isContinue reading ““You Want To Talk About It?” (Bella)”