Hand Grenades, Barbeque, And Frontier Law

Both believers and non-believers are capable of hurling what the Scripture says like hand grenades at the expense of failing to pursue the deeper, more primary issue of what the Scripture means by what it says. This predictably produces more heat than light and in turn results in more factionalizing than uniting. Interestingly, the Scripture zeroes in on thisContinue reading “Hand Grenades, Barbeque, And Frontier Law”

God’s Redeeming Curse (2)

What does this redemptive curse entail? I think the better question would be to ask what it doesn’t involve? According to Deuteronomy 32 (the same text that spoke of God’s moral perfection), it’s all encompassing (see v. 23-27). Tornados, tsunamis, droughts, earthquakes, and famine, are all under His domain. Even the abuse, brutality, and criminality of the wicked (althoughContinue reading “God’s Redeeming Curse (2)”

God’s Redeeming Curse (1)

Mankind was cruising along in the garden and it was great! There was uninterrupted fellowship with the Father, perfect companionship with a special partner, and a an uncursed creation in which to live (who can really say what that was like?).  All we had to do was follow God’s loving directions given for our ownContinue reading “God’s Redeeming Curse (1)”

A Picture Of Prayer

The story of Hezekiah can be found in 2 Kings 18-20 and 2 Chronicles 29-32.  Hezekiah was a good man who lived during a bad time. Nonetheless, he stood for God and made sweeping religious reforms in Israel’s worship. He went after the high places (often neglected by other “good” kings), sacred stones, and Asherah poles. He evenContinue reading “A Picture Of Prayer”

Praying Wisely

A couple in their sixties is walking along the beach when they spy an object hidden in the sand.  The uncover it, knock the sand off, and identify it as an old, old lamp.  Before they know it—POOF! —a genie appears to grant them three wishes.  They would like to travel the world they tell him andContinue reading “Praying Wisely”

Israel, the Pharisees, and Prayer

Israel wanted a king (1 Samuel 8)! There were some legitimate reasons why they needed a king. A king would help them to be something more than the loose confederation of tribes that they were—characterized by infighting and the failure to come to the aid of each other when under attack (see the book of Judges).Continue reading “Israel, the Pharisees, and Prayer”

Giving God Fast Prayers

It’s important to note that the record of Jesus’ teaching that Matthew relates to us in 6:1-18, is given in response to Pharisaical abuses (5:20,21,27,31,33,38,43). If the “hypocrites” of 6:2,5,16 aren’t exclusively Pharisees, it certainly would include them (see 23:13,15,23,25,27,29). So we shouldn’t approach the text as an open forum on the subjects of giving, fasting, andContinue reading “Giving God Fast Prayers”

“God Answered Our Prayer!”

“God answered our prayer!” we proclaim as someone who has been in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers is brought to better circumstances. We mean well by such a statement. We mean to bring glory to our Father and recognize what He has done. But the truth is, these words can be a poor way of expressing our joy.  Church bulletins,Continue reading ““God Answered Our Prayer!””