Thinking About The Resurrection

The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is one of the core beliefs of the Christian faith. As such, it has profound implications for us. Here are three. 1. Our body is an essential art of our identity. There’s a little saying that goes something like this: We’re not human beings on a spiritual journey,Continue reading “Thinking About The Resurrection”

Reflecting On The Death Of Jesus (2)

Though He died the death of a common criminal by being crucified on a cross, there was nothing common about Jesus’ death. The gospels zero in on this uniqueness: Matthew writes, “When Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, He gave up His spirit,” (27:50). Luke records, “Jesus called out in a loudContinue reading “Reflecting On The Death Of Jesus (2)”

Reflecting On The Death Of Jesus (1)

When we touch the cross, we put our finger on the pulse of the universe. We touch something that is warm, alive, and vital. Yet it is also holy, arguably the holiest ground of all. With that in mind, I invite us to take off our sandals and approach the cross in reverence, awe, andContinue reading “Reflecting On The Death Of Jesus (1)”

Wearing God Down

There’s a popular belief that if disciples pray hard enough about something and with enough faith, it will happen. After all, didn’t Jesus say something about having faith and moving mountains? Therefore, if we just get enough people with enough faith to pray hard enough about something, God will give us our heart’s desire—right? ChurchContinue reading “Wearing God Down”

Embracing The Ordinary

I’d like to say a few words in defense of the ordinary. It seems that in our single-minded pursuit of the extraordinary, the unbelievable, and the jaw-dropping, we have somehow lost sight of the value of the ordinary. Consider the following:             Be original, not ordinary.             It only takes a little extra to turnContinue reading “Embracing The Ordinary”


Why do we celebrate the new year? I suppose there are some who are celebrating the fact that they made it through the preceding year. As a people, we made it through Covid and all of the hand-wringing, negativity, and sadly, some of the losses associated with that. And we also made it through whateverContinue reading “Celebrate!”

Funeral For A Friend

Abraham lived a hundred and seventy-five years. Then Abraham breathed his last and died at a good old age, an old man and full of years; and he was gathered to his people. (Genesis 25:7-8) I conducted a funeral this morning. It was for a member of our church who passed away last week. He was 95Continue reading “Funeral For A Friend”

Jesus And Living Authentically

There was an athlete who said some things recently that got them into trouble (I’m being purposely vague here because there’s no need to reveal their identity). To their credit, they reflected upon their words and the consequences of them and later admitted much of what they said was wrong. However, they didn’t regret itContinue reading “Jesus And Living Authentically”