Lord of the Manger

While we were enjoying Christmas with our loved ones on December 25th of 2021, the James Webb telescope was being launched into space. It is effectively a second-generation space telescope (it was initially referred to as the Next Generation Telescope) and “replaces” the Hubble telescope which was launched in 1990. Unlike the Hubble which orbits theContinue reading “Lord of the Manger”

Thinking About The Atonement (1)

The challenge of communication is not simply knowing what someone said—it’s understanding what they meant by their words. That’s why we tend to listen more carefully or speak more precisely with people we don’t know well. We want to make sure we hear their words or they hear ours in the proper context. With those we know well,Continue reading “Thinking About The Atonement (1)”

It’s a Jungle Out There (Anxiety & Faith, pt. 1)

Monk aired from 2001 to 2009. It achieved the requisite hundred episodes to enter into the afterlife of syndication, so you can find it today in the cable/satellite tv world as well as on some streaming services.   Monk is a police procedural show, a dramedy, but mainly it is about Adrian Monk. He hadContinue reading “It’s a Jungle Out There (Anxiety & Faith, pt. 1)”

It’s a Jungle Out There (Anxiety & Faith, pt. 2)

Anxiety seems to be everywhere. Every day we hear reports, stories, and statistics about it. It’s like the pandemic came along and took the lid off our anxiety jar and everything started spilling out. But that perception isn’t entirely accurate. According to research conducted by The American Psychiatric Association and The U.K. Council for PsychotherapyContinue reading “It’s a Jungle Out There (Anxiety & Faith, pt. 2)”

It’s a Jungle Out There (Anxiety & Faith, pt. 3)

1. We begin by recognizing the anxiety has a spiritual component. Human beings possess a mind, a body, and a spirit. That’s who we are. It is how God made us. Consequently, to think about anxiety only in terms of the mind and body is a failure to treat it fully and completely. It overlooksContinue reading “It’s a Jungle Out There (Anxiety & Faith, pt. 3)”

It’s a Jungle Out There (Anxiety & Faith, pt. 4)

4.  Spiritual anxiety is fed by an emphasis on wealth and status. The message should be clear: material wealth, the latest technology has to offer, creature comforts—none of them can satisfy the spiritual needs we were created with. And an over-reliance on them can actually hurt us. You can everything in the world to liveContinue reading “It’s a Jungle Out There (Anxiety & Faith, pt. 4)”

Clutter, clutter everywhere . . .

If you dump a box of toys in front of a toddler, many of them will just give you a quizzical look. But if you give them just a toy or two they are able to focus on it, engage their imagination, and in no time they’re having a great time. That’s because sometimes less isContinue reading “Clutter, clutter everywhere . . .”

Praying Wisely

A couple in their sixties is walking along the beach when they spy an object hidden in the sand.  They uncover it, knock the sand off, and identify it as an old, old lamp.  Before they know it—POOF! —a genie appears to grant them three wishes.  They would like to travel the world they tell him andContinue reading “Praying Wisely”

The Thrill of Hope

There’s a lot to be found in the world of YouTube, isn’t there? Some of it’s good, some not, and the vast majority of stuff falls somewhere in-between. I came across this clip and I thought it belonged in the first category.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDgSQiUcVnM Part of it has to do with the person playing the piano, Billy Preston. PrestonContinue reading “The Thrill of Hope”