The Difference Between Silver and Gold

I heard on NPR the story of a man who was a sergeant in the Massachusetts Army National Guard and served on the honor guard at military funerals. His duty was to sound Taps. It’s phrased that way because he didn’t actually play the song (he didn’t know how to play the bugle). Instead, heContinue reading “The Difference Between Silver and Gold”

The Church Belongs to God!

We’d had numerous people picking up pecans off the grounds at the church where I used to work. I’d seen many of our members out there. One of our shepherds had been particularly zealous in his collection efforts, shaking the tree branches as well as using some type of extension tool that allowed him to reach up into the trees.Continue reading “The Church Belongs to God!”

The Church and Grace

Artemis was the Ephesian goddess of fertility.  The temple to Artemis at Ephesus was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. At 425 feet long and 225 feet wide, it was larger than a football field. It’s roof was supported by 127 columns that stretched 60 feet high. The temple was twice the size of the ParthenonContinue reading “The Church and Grace”

The Beautiful, God-Honoring Choice of Lauren Hill

This post was written in 2014. Ten thousand people came. If you haven’t been inspired by Lauren Hill’s story, you need to check for a pulse. If you’ve been off on a remote island or somewhere with no Wi-Fi, then you need to know that Lauren is a freshman basketball player at Mount Saint JosephContinue reading “The Beautiful, God-Honoring Choice of Lauren Hill”

Teaching or Trivializing?

On the counter at the retail place was a picture of a family and a description of a crisis they were going through. If you wanted to help them out financially you could put your contribution in one of two jars—either the one marked Alabama or Auburn. Let me say at this point that IContinue reading “Teaching or Trivializing?”

The Second Mile Attitude

I remember watching an NFL playoff game between Seattle and Minnesota. The game was in Minneapolis and the temperature at game time was – 6! (It did warm up during the game to at least  -2). Most of the players (especially the offensive and defensive lineman) were wearing short sleeves. Part of the reason forContinue reading “The Second Mile Attitude”

Rhubarb Pie and the Community of Christ

Do you remember the United States Army recruiting slogan, Army of One? If not, don’t feel bad—it wasn’t around too long. For those of you who don’t remember, it replaced the quite well known, Be all that you can be, motto that attracted young people into the service for two decades. Supposedly the marketing strategy behind Army ofContinue reading “Rhubarb Pie and the Community of Christ”

No workarounds for us!

We’re all familiar with workarounds—those stop gap measures we employ when we don’t have the time, money, or opportunity to fix something correctly. What they sometimes lack in aesthetics they can make up for in functionality. For example, years ago the lock on my truck’s fuel door stopped working. I wasn’t concerned about the locking aspect but I alsoContinue reading “No workarounds for us!”

Part of a Family

One of the more challenging tasks parents have in raising their children is in helping them to understand the proper relationship between the individual and community. This undertaking is complicated by the facts that our culture places an extremely high value on individualism and that children are naturally self-centered. Any parent or teacher can tell you ofContinue reading “Part of a Family”