Celebrities or Servants?

I caught the last snippet of a commercial recently where someone was identified as a celebrity landscaper. Well of course—why just be a landscaper when you can be a celebrity landscaper? The possibilities are endless: celebrity school teacher, celebrity pharmacist, celebrity construction worker. And let’s not forget the kids—we can have celebrity teenagers, celebrity children andContinue reading “Celebrities or Servants?”

Caring as Community

Our church has four words for its motto:  welcoming, caring, seeking, sharing. They represent values we hold dear because they reflect our understanding of what God wants us to be. What does it mean to care? It means more than to feel a certain way. It is also more than performing good deeds for others. To care is toContinue reading “Caring as Community”

Building the Patience Bridge

Years ago I heard a college president speak to a group of honor students. He congratulated them on their academic achievements and then went on to make the point that what would determine whether or not they would be successful in their chosen fields would be the utilization of their soft skills. He noted thatContinue reading “Building the Patience Bridge”

Being a Woman is a Wonderful Thing (2)

Most of us remember Mo’ne Davis. She took the world by storm as she led her Philadelphia team to the Little League World Series as a thirteen-year old in 2014. Mo’ne was a pitcher and she threw hard (as a lot of players do at that age). What impressed me was she also knew howContinue reading “Being a Woman is a Wonderful Thing (2)”

Being a Woman is a Wonderful Thing (1)

Janice and I are blessed with two adult daughters and one granddaughter. We also have an adult son and four grandsons, but this little piece is not about the boys—it is all about the girls. It should pain our hearts deeply whenever women are mistreated—all the way from a failure to being appreciated to theContinue reading “Being a Woman is a Wonderful Thing (1)”

Brand Names and Brotherhood

“Church” is a relational word!  It is used in the New Testament to speak of our relationship with God through Jesus Christ (Ephesians 1:20-23, 2:19-22), or our relationship with other Christians in the assembly, a local congregation, or the universal body of Christ (see 1 Corinthians 12:13). In fact, a quick look at the names used in the NewContinue reading “Brand Names and Brotherhood”

A Tree in the Rocks

Saul had come out to take his life. And Saul’s son Jonathan went to David at Horesh and helped him find strength in God,” (1 Samuel 23:15-16). When we were living in central Arkansas, one of our favorite places to go was Pinnacle Mountain, located just west of Little Rock. As the picture suggests, it’s not much more than aContinue reading “A Tree in the Rocks”

The Church is a Hospital?

The church is a hospital for sinners . . . is a truth worth telling! Jesus’ justification to the Pharisees for His embracing of tax collectors and sinners was that they were sick and in need of a physician (Matthew 9:9ff). He went on to say that had the Pharisees understood the prophets, they would know that GodContinue reading “The Church is a Hospital?”

A Day at the Zoo and Buyer’s Remorse

If it’s a good one, a zoo can be a great place to go. For suburbanites, it’s a vivid reminder of what the big world outside of theirs is like. But to all, it’s a menagerie of sights, sounds, and smells. The sizes, colors, and shapes God has employed in His creation of the animal kingdom is astounding—koalaContinue reading “A Day at the Zoo and Buyer’s Remorse”

A Crime Against the Church

There was a serious issue at Corinth. The problem was they had exalted certain disciples among them (specifically Paul and Apollos—see 3:4ff). While there’s nothing wrong and plenty right in having leaders who model correct attitudes and behaviors (11:1), the situation at Corinth went far beyond that. The disciples had not only put Paul andContinue reading “A Crime Against the Church”