Blind Spots and Due Diligence (1)

All of us have a blind spot in regard to ourselves—it’s part of the human condition. There are things about ourselves, both good and bad, that we simply don’t see (Psalm 19:12 speaks to the bad). Other people, perhaps many, are aware of these things but we’re not. So it’s best to have a spirit of humility and not takeContinue reading “Blind Spots and Due Diligence (1)”

Faith is a Good Thing

To say that Will Durant and his wife, Ariel, were prolific writers of history would be like saying that turkey is eaten on Thanksgiving or people shoot fireworks on the Fourth of July. The Durants are best known for their monumental eleven volume work, The Story of Civilization.  The series was written over four decades and hasContinue reading “Faith is a Good Thing”

Aah . . . Hope

The Assyrian king, Tiglath-Pileser III, stormed into the Mediterranean region and by 732 BC he had broken the Aramean-Israel alliance and captured Damascus. Northern Israel (i.e., the cities of Galilee) fell next, followed by Gilead. Following Assyrian custom, the people were deported and foreigners were brought in to occupy the land. (Conquered lands were much easier to controlContinue reading “Aah . . . Hope”

A Horse, A Desert and Hope

Several years ago we were on a family vacation at a state park near Warm Springs, Georgia, where FDR’s Little White House is located. Roosevelt had the house built just before he took office in 1933. He had first visited the springs almost a decade earlier, like so many others, looking for a cure for the polio that ravaged his body. AlthoughContinue reading “A Horse, A Desert and Hope”