Calling All Dads

Dads, Let me go ahead and wish you a Happy Fathers’ Day! You don’t need me to tell you that being a father today is as challenging as it has ever been. Our children receive so many compromised and destructive messages from our culture. In that light, I wanted to encourage and challenge you toContinue reading “Calling All Dads”

God’s Will And Circumstances

The books of 1 and 2 Samuel are concerned with David’s ascension to the throne of Israel.  The writer wants Israel to know that the great king, the man after God’s heart, didn’t come into power through coercion, duplicity, or coup.  He waited on God.  He put his trust in Yahweh to bring him to the throne when the timeContinue reading “God’s Will And Circumstances”

Don’t Put Air In That Balloon!

Little children love balloons.  I suppose they’re attracted to the bright colors, the texture and “give” when you push in on them, and most of all, by the way they magically float in the air.  But balloons are not much unless someone puts some air (helium) in them.  They’re just limp, lifeless, and uninspiring.  SomeoneContinue reading “Don’t Put Air In That Balloon!”

A Patch Of Sky, A Headful Of Hair, And The Birth Of Jesus

On April of 1990, the crew of the space shuttle Discovery launched a twelve-ton telescope into orbit. It was named after the astronomer, Edwin Hubble. Since it operates beyond the distortion of earth’s atmosphere, it has enabled scientists to look at the universe in a whole new manner. What they have seen is staggering. FromContinue reading “A Patch Of Sky, A Headful Of Hair, And The Birth Of Jesus”

Anything But Minor

(This is adapted from Known Intimately, Loved Ultimately, Vol. 1 and is available through 21st Century Christian.) Bad decisions—we’ve all made them. Fortunately most of the ones we make are known only to us and perhaps a few others (hopefully people who love us). Then there are those bad decisions made on the world-wide stageContinue reading “Anything But Minor”

Always There To Explore

The 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing was celebrated on July 20th, 2019. My father worked in the space industry in Huntsville, so it was a big event for our family. I remember we pulled the dinner chairs out from the table and parked them in front of our black and white Zenith television. TheContinue reading “Always There To Explore”

Was Jesus A White, Male, Patriarch?

In some circles today, that represents the trifecta of much/most of what is wrong with the world. For some in those circles, this animus is passed on to Jesus because He is viewed by them as belonging to these categories.  Was Jesus a white, male, patriarch? While we don’t exactly what color Jesus’ skin was,Continue reading “Was Jesus A White, Male, Patriarch?”

Too Much Information Or Not Enough Wisdom?

If you’ve been around a while (smile), you’ll remember a time when it was fashionable for people to be told to take off their masks and get real with each other.  We were told to open up, confess, and be less inhibited.  It was for the most part sound counsel as too many people with serious problems triedContinue reading “Too Much Information Or Not Enough Wisdom?”

“There’s Not Going To Be Any More Of That”

My father-in-law was a WWII veteran.  He was drafted soon after he was married in 1942 and stationed in Germany.  He often told people that on the coldest night of his life, he was on the back on a truck in Germany when he received news that his first child was born.  What I don’t ever remember hearingContinue reading ““There’s Not Going To Be Any More Of That””