This Is Love!

The Gnostic influencers John was opposing in 1 John were not known for their love. They were spiritual elitists. Anyone who was “in the know” as they were was okay, but everyone else was looked down upon in contempt. They were like some of the religious officials of Jesus’ day “who were confident of theirContinue reading “This Is Love!”

What Are You Doing?

Why is it whenever someone starts to talk about keeping God’s commands, people get uneasier than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockers? Why when John pointedly tells us, “His commands are not burdensome” (1 John 5:13), do so many people act like they are? Well, what are you doing? 1 John Home

The Joy of Obedience

1 John is a brief but marvelously rich letter. But when you first get into it, there’s a good possibility it will overwhelm you with its repetition of a cluster of words. In its 105 verses, “know” is used 32 x’s, “love” is used 27 x’s, “sin” is used 20 x’s, “life” and “brother” areContinue reading “The Joy of Obedience”

Living in the Light

John assures the disciples he is writing in 1:1-4 of his first letter that the message they had shared with them about Christ was rooted in historical reality. There were Gnostic influencers who were spreading the heresy that Christ had not come in the flesh (see this in 2 John v. 7). John wants themContinue reading “Living in the Light”

For the Bible Tells Me So

Back when peoplewrote letters, they did so for lots of reasons. They wanted to stay in contact with a loved one from whom they were separated (this was especially true in the days before there were phones and later when people had phones but long-distance calls were expensive). They also wrote to share news (thisContinue reading “For the Bible Tells Me So”

Obedience And Love

They had known each other since they were ten years old. They grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same school, played ball together, spent the night at each other’s house, and did all of the other things that good friends do. Somewhere in their early to mid-teens, they began to drift apart.Continue reading “Obedience And Love”

Something About 1 John

1 John is a powerful, vibrant read! There’s a lot packed into this brief letter that disciples need to hear. But as with any other writing, there are a few things about John and his style that are helpful to recognize if we are to glean everything that he has for us. John’s first letter isContinue reading “Something About 1 John”

Praying Up

In 1 John 3:21-22, John writes: 21 Dear friends, if our hearts do not condemn us, we have confidence before God 22 and receive from him anything we ask, because we keep his commands and do what pleases him. What does John mean by this? Is he saying God gives disciples carte blanche when it comes to them asking and Him answering? Understand,Continue reading “Praying Up”

John And Commandments (2)

In fact, this is love for God: to keep his commands. And his commands are not burdensome, (1 John 5:3). Some friends of ours (Mark & Carol), were headed home Sunday after attending church and eating out. They live in a rural community, so they were traveling on a somewhat isolated stretch of road whenContinue reading “John And Commandments (2)”

John And Commandments (1)

Word association: commandment What did you come up with? Did you think of things like liberation, joy, freedom, and peace? Or, did your mind turn toward things like legalism, bondage, and burden? Or perhaps you landed somewhere in between these two extremes. I suppose to be totally accurate to the point I want to address I should have asked, “What do youContinue reading “John And Commandments (1)”