An Empty Tomb and a Risen Lord

When we dip ourselves in the waters of the fourth chapter of the book of Acts, we get a look at a church that was living out the resurrection. Here are some of the things we see: Hope isn’t hope without the resurrection! In our culture, where truth floats up from the bottom, people’s “hope”Continue reading “An Empty Tomb and a Risen Lord”

Our Decisions And God’s Will

God is not micromanaging things in Acts. While there are certainly times when He steps in, intervenes, and overrules (i.e., the call to Macedonia – 16:9-10), most of the time it is His will that His people choose, trusting that He will help them make the best out of their choices (note word “decide” inContinue reading “Our Decisions And God’s Will”

Fresh Faith (2)

Let’s look at each of these more closely.     Renewing ourselves as disciples: There are few things more toxic spiritually than a failure to learn and grow. This happens because people either think they already know it all or they are apathetic about learning. Either way, the results are the same.  I’ve known some people over the years whoContinue reading “Fresh Faith (2)”

Fresh Faith (1)

In Matthew 9:14-17, Jesus refused to mix the new wine (teaching) He brought with the toxic stuff the Pharisees were dispensing.  Whether it was His teaching on fasting or some other issue, He wasn’t going to try to fit His teaching and ministry in with theirs (as perhaps the disciples of John were attempting to do). Continue reading “Fresh Faith (1)”

The Regret That Brings Life

After King Agrippa has heard Paul‘s defense (which seems to have struck a nerve with him – Acts 26:26-28), he tells Festus, “This man could have been set free if he had not appealed to Caesar (v. 32). Perhaps he is faulting Paul’s strategy in appealing to Rome (he knows nothing of the plot againstContinue reading “The Regret That Brings Life”

Teaching Is Fundamental

Teaching is fundamental to the kingdom of God. It is the transference of life-altering, relational truths about God and His kingdom. In Acts 11 the Jerusalem church hears about the establishment of a church in Antioch. Their response? They send Barnabas, one of their best men there. He reaches out to Paul and together theContinue reading “Teaching Is Fundamental”