Reflections On The Risen Life (2)

It was Philip Yancey, who when asked about the difference between disciples in China and the United States had this to say: At my church, when something bad happens, people immediately ask God to fix it: get me a job, heal my aunt, whatever. . . In China, though, I heard different prayers, not “God, takeContinue reading “Reflections On The Risen Life (2)”

Reflections On The Risen Life (1)

Did you ever see the moon in the sky at night and think you might like to go there? Did you ever wonder what it be like to set foot on it? Well, you certainly wouldn’t be the first person. The problem is there’s this force called gravity that keeps us earth bound and toContinue reading “Reflections On The Risen Life (1)”

Bumblebees And Ministries

It was a grey day as I pulled my grey truck into the driveway about mid-morning. It was early November. There was a little bit of wind and rain—the sun was nowhere to be found. Off to the side of our garage was some honeysuckle growing up and over a shoulder-high shrub. I had pointedContinue reading “Bumblebees And Ministries”

Acting Up

Depending on your translation, Colossians 3:1 begins with a “Since, then,” an “If then,” or a “Therefore.” The point being that what Paul is about to say builds on something he has previously said. We don’t have to wonder what that antecedent is because Paul tells us—it’s the fact that we’ve been “raised with Christ”Continue reading “Acting Up”

What Did Jesus Do? (1)

Paul makes no attempt to answer this question exhaustively—but what he does do is address it relative to the Colossians’ situation and circumstances. In effect, he draws a line from the cross to their lives. The other thing worth noting is the Jewishness of the context. Circumcision (v. 11, 13), old covenant ordinances (v. 16),Continue reading “What Did Jesus Do? (1)”

Who Is Jesus (1)

There are several ways to answer that question. One way John answers it is by giving us a series of “I am” statements Jesus made about Himself (i.e., the Bread of Life, the Light of the World, the Resurrection and Life, etc.). One way Matthew answers it is with Peter’s confession that, “You are theContinue reading “Who Is Jesus (1)”

Drilling Down In Christ

As Paul writes to the disciples at Colossae, he is addressing a youthful church with a pagan background. Epaphras started the church there (1:7), and despite Paul’s time in the region, he hadn’t been there (2:1), which would explain why he addresses no one personally in Colossians. Although Epaphras would have filled him in onContinue reading “Drilling Down In Christ”