Remembering Who We Are

We were getting ready to take our oldest daughter to Bible camp. Another young lady, who would be riding with us, was being dropped off by her parents. She was their oldest child as well. But her parents didn’t engage in a long, drawn-out farewell (as I might have done). Nor was there any listContinue reading “Remembering Who We Are”

Putting Ourselves In The Position Of Power

We’ve all had the experience of being out of position—the wrong lane in congested traffic, in the checkout line behind someone whose gift card has brought the system down, or in a job that doesn’t match our skill set. It’s not a good place to be and we try to get out as quickly asContinue reading “Putting Ourselves In The Position Of Power”

Seeing Ourselves Correctly

It wouldn’t be impossible to feel compassion for Haman (he was, after all, someone’s son), but you’d have to work at it. The portrait painted of him in Esther is of someone who long ago said goodbye to any attempt to be a decent human being. In place of that is a dark, foreboding, destructiveContinue reading “Seeing Ourselves Correctly”

The Heavy Heart Of Hate

While we might be challenged in several ways to understand and appreciate the significant differences between Esther’s world in the 5th century BC and ours today, Haman presents no such problem. That’s because unfortunately, there’s nothing new or novel about hate. When I speak of hate, I’m not referring to the label some are soContinue reading “The Heavy Heart Of Hate”

Less Than Paradise

The Book of Esther is a head turner. It’s about a Jewish woman (Esther), who parlays a place in the king’s harem into becoming queen of Persia. And oh yes, her cousin (Mordecai—who is her surrogate father), encourages and helps her to accomplish this. Sounds like the latest from Netflix or Hulu, doesn’t it? ButContinue reading “Less Than Paradise”