A Devotion Worth Imitating

Lizzie Griffiths is 25, a teacher, and lives in England.  She has a pet—it’s a bearded lizard.  Not long after she got “George,” he developed a bump on his face.  She took him to the vet and had it removed.  It returned and she repeated the process.  It came back a third time and she learned it was cancer andContinue reading “A Devotion Worth Imitating”

God At The Center

Lena Paahlsson was doing some Christmas baking with her daughters at the family’s farmhouse in central Sweden. After they finished and were cleaning up, she went to the place where she had laid her wedding ring—but it wasn’t there. They couldn’t find it anywhere although they looked everywhere. Feelings of despair and frustration set in.Continue reading “God At The Center”