Limping Into The Sunrise (1)

Whatever conclusions you draw about Jacob’s character (or the lack of it), you have to grant that he had some help getting there. His grandfather and father struggled with telling the truth at times (Genesis 12:11ff, 20:1ff, 26:7ff), while his mother, Rebekah, instigated and served as his accomplice in the deception of his father, Isaac (27:5ff).Continue reading “Limping Into The Sunrise (1)”

Limping Into The Sunrise (2)

We’ve rehearsed the account of Jacob wrestling with the angel before his reconciliation with Esau and his return to Canaan. As with all communication though, the question isn’t simply knowing what was said—we have to continue down the road by determining what was meant. Why did Moses tell us this story? What is its purpose?Continue reading “Limping Into The Sunrise (2)”

Joseph’s Brothers

It shouldn’t be that difficult for us to understand why Joseph’s brothers have a problem believing that he has forgiven them.  After all, they were used to treating others in a manner that was much less than what they deserved (see Genesis 34 & 37), so they can’t relate to someone treating them better than they deserve.  I don’t think they’reContinue reading “Joseph’s Brothers”

Why Did God Create Man?

God created man to bless him—fully, richly and deeply! In the creation account we hear words like blessed, fruitful, fill, subdue, rule over and I give all made in reference to him (Genesis 1:28-29). The highest expression of his favor lies in the fact that he is made to be an image-bearer of the Trinity (v. 27). Man may choose something less forContinue reading “Why Did God Create Man?”

When God Shows His Colors

The story of Noah begins the second cycle of the Genesis narrative (Brueggemann). In the first cycle, we see the creation of the world followed by rebellion—first through Adam and Eve, then by Cain, and finally Lamech (4:19ff). In the second cycle, we see rebellion (6:5ff) followed by re-creation, as God destroys the world inContinue reading “When God Shows His Colors”

What Happened in the Garden?

It’s easy to look at Adam and Eve eating the fruit from the tree and think, “What’s the big deal? Their curiosity got the best of them and they messed up. That’s no reason to bring down the universe, is it? Who did they hurt? What was it about eating some fruit that justified theContinue reading “What Happened in the Garden?”

We Are Not The Answer (Tomorrowland)

Have you ever wondered what would happen, if all of the geniuses,                      the artists, the scientists, the smartest, most creative people in the                      world decided to actually change it? Where. where could they even   Continue reading “We Are Not The Answer (Tomorrowland)”

The Obedience of the Nations Shall be His

The scepter will not depart from Judah Nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, Until He to whom it belongs shall come And the obedience of the nations shall be His. (Genesis 49:10) It’s not difficult to look at the first part of this blessing that Jacob gives to his son Judah and recognize thatContinue reading “The Obedience of the Nations Shall be His”

The Holy Work of Parenting

The story is told about a man who wrote a book called Everything You Want to Know About Parenting. He was a bachelor. A few years later he got married, had a child, and a second edition of the book was released. The title had been changed to Some Principles of Parenting. Another child came along and withContinue reading “The Holy Work of Parenting”

The Forbidden Fruit of Genesis 4

There’s a more going on in the story of Cain and Abel than meets the eye. On the surface, it’s the woefully sad story of one brother killing another. It’s a tragedy, but unfortunately it’s not something foreign or unfamiliar to us—the only thing unique is that this is the first occurrence of fratricide. ThatContinue reading “The Forbidden Fruit of Genesis 4”