Exploring Off The Coast

Our planet is a remarkable place. It is home to almost eight billion people living on six continents (seven if you count the few hearty souls in Antarctica). In addition to human life, it is populated by all sorts of amazing plants and animals.  But most of the life on this planet isn’t visible toContinue reading “Exploring Off The Coast”

Dwelling In The Shelter And Resting In The Shadow

Everyone recognizes there’s a difference between knowing what someone said and understanding what they meant.  Several times a day we come across situations where we have to decipher the meaning of what we have heard or read.  Here are some examples: “We will sell gasoline to anyone in a glass container.” “Students hate annoying professors.” “Happily theyContinue reading “Dwelling In The Shelter And Resting In The Shadow”

Doing It By The Book

Have you ever seen the previews to a movie, gotten all excited about it, then watched the movie and walked away disappointed because it wasn’t anything like what the previews suggested? Welcome to the club. I suppose the people who put the previews together could tell you they were just doing their job (which isContinue reading “Doing It By The Book”

Digging Deep And Standing Tall

Weekend Edition of NPR ran a story about the rising rate of obesity in France.  It explained how this trend runs counter to the French culinary tradition of slow cooked meals of healthy foods eaten around the family table.  A finger was pointed in the direction of American culture as imported through movies and television and it wasContinue reading “Digging Deep And Standing Tall”

Back To The Garden (2)

5.  God sent Jesus to redeem and restore what was lost. Again, we need to see beyond the center of the picture to the edges.  This means we don’t narrow or limit the mission of Christ.  It was to reconcile man to God, but there was more.  Colossians 1:15 speaks of Him reconciling “all things, whether things on earth orContinue reading “Back To The Garden (2)”

Back To The Garden (1)

One of the marks of the inspiration of the Scripture is that even though it consists of sixty-six different books (some quite different), written by approximately forty people, over a period of close to two thousand year years, it is not many stories, but one story.  Despite its incredible diversity, there is a transcendent unity thatContinue reading “Back To The Garden (1)”

A Roman Cross And A Jewish Carpenter (2)

If you take this political/religious template and lay it over the New Testament, it opens another dimension of understanding. Jesus’ birth becomes a political event. He was born to overthrow Rome. Not in the civil sense of occupying an earthly throne, but in the sense that He was to be everything Rome was pretending to be.Continue reading “A Roman Cross And A Jewish Carpenter (2)”

A Roman Cross And A Jewish Carpenter (1)

We’re accustomed to thinking about the gospel in terms of the conflict and conquering experienced by Jesus. Whether His opponent was Satan, death, or sin, Christ met with and triumphed over them all. We’ve traveled down the paths of Scripture that develop these truths many times and have benefitted greatly from the journey. But thereContinue reading “A Roman Cross And A Jewish Carpenter (1)”

A Bookish Approach To The Bible

I’m preaching/teaching through Revelation on Sunday nights.  We had just looked at the first part of chapter 21 and talked about how although this text is commonly applied to heaven, it’s really about the exalted church that has just been delivered from Roman oppression.  On the way home my wife Janice made the comment, “That’s really not that hard to seeContinue reading “A Bookish Approach To The Bible”