Exhausted Yet Keeping Up The Pursuit

After Gideon and his three hundred men have thrown the Midianite army into panic with their trumpets, jars, and torches (and the help of the Lord—Judges 7:22), they set out in pursuit of those who have survived and fled.  In 8:4, we’re told that they are “exhausted yet keeping up the pursuit”.  If there had been social mediaContinue reading “Exhausted Yet Keeping Up The Pursuit”

Perplexed By God

Anyone reading through the book of Judges will immediately notice a cycle that is repeated throughout in regard to Israel.  It goes like this:  God delivers Israel from their enemy, After a period of time, Israel falls into disobedience, God disciplines them by allowing their enemy to oppress them,   Israel turns from their sin to GodContinue reading “Perplexed By God”

Lighting Or Cursing

Times were dark for Israel and there was a reason for it.  We’re told by the writer of Judges that, “another generation grew up who knew neither the Lord nor what he had done for Israel,” (2:10).  Their problem wasn’t a lack of information; it was a lack of appreciation.  The nation had been given all kinds of tools toContinue reading “Lighting Or Cursing”