Great Or Small?

Our need for God’s forgiveness (as well as its relationship to us forgiving others), is brought home in a major way in a story that Luke records in 7:36-50 of his gospel. Following Tiede (Augsburg Commentary), it seems that having shown Jesus’ teaching (“When Jesus has finished saying all of this,” – v. 1), LukeContinue reading “Great Or Small?”

“Go Tell John”

Blessed is the one who does not fall away on account of Me. (Luke 7:23).  Have you ever wondered how John took these words from Jesus?  I have. The message from Jesus came to him some time after he had been imprisoned by Herod Antipas.  Antipas was part of the Herodian dynasty.  The Herodians embodied Lord Acton’s adageContinue reading ““Go Tell John””

Deliverance In The Wilderness

The summer before I started third grade, we moved into the house that I would grow up in.  It was in the downtown area of a small town.  We could walk or ride our bikes anywhere we wanted to go.  For an eight year old, this was heaven.  There was a baseball field just around the corner and up theContinue reading “Deliverance In The Wilderness”

Everything Else Is Just Hype

There’s more to the account of Simon the magician (Acts 8:4-24) than sometimes meets the eye. One of the overarching concerns in Luke-Acts is the kingdom of God. Luke uses the phrase almost 40 times in the two books.  He begins Acts by telling Theophilus about the 40 days Jesus spent with the apostles after His resurrection, and howContinue reading “Everything Else Is Just Hype”

True Power and Trusting God

When Jesus sends His disciples out to preach to the towns and villages, He tells them to “take nothing for the journey—no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra shirt” (Luke 9:3). The text doesn’t tell us exactly how long they were to be gone but we are told they went “from village toContinue reading “True Power and Trusting God”

The Mathematics of Grace

Could there be a worse scenario for a parent than to have one of their children missing? I guess there could be something, but it’s hard to fathom (and who really wants to try?). But suppose one of your children was gone. You can only imagine the gnawing emptiness that would be yours. Every wakingContinue reading “The Mathematics of Grace”

Seven Miles From Jerusalem

Two disciples are heading to Emmaus (a village about seven miles from Jerusalem) where presumably they’ve been attending the Passover Feast. But that’s not what’s on their hearts and minds. They are thinking about Jesus and how He was turned over to the Romans for crucifixion by the Jewish leaders. As if things could getContinue reading “Seven Miles From Jerusalem”

The Account Manager Who Cooked the Books (2)

To answer this we need to add another layer to the story—that of honor and shame. A number of recent commentators have pointed out that the manager’s wasteful actions not only brought shame upon himself but also upon the rich man (who would be viewed as weak and unable to control his employee as wellContinue reading “The Account Manager Who Cooked the Books (2)”

The Account Manager Who Cooked the Books (1)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a story at the right place and time is worth at least that many words of facts, figures, and data. People who make commercials understand this so rather than push information on us they pull us in through characters like Flo of Progressive or Jake fromContinue reading “The Account Manager Who Cooked the Books (1)”