A Rebel And The Prince Of Peace

Rome didn’t crucify thieves. Crucifixion was reserved for crimes against the state. It was their way of saying, Mess with us and this is what will happen. From the state’s point of view (not necessarily Pilate’s), Jesus was crucified because He was perceived to be an enemy of Rome. He was a king, and as such, potentially a threat to themContinue reading “A Rebel And The Prince Of Peace”

Breaking Open The Jar

It was “very expensive perfume” (Mark 14:3). Her critics said it was worth more than a year’s wages (v. 5). Perhaps in their anger they were exaggerating as people have been known to do when objecting to something, so let’s put it at a year’s wages. I found some perfume online from Bloomingdale’s that isContinue reading “Breaking Open The Jar”

Water Is Thicker Than Blood

Family is important. It is how God brings us into the world. It is the incubator where we are raised and nurtured. It is responsible for so much of who we are and what we become. Furthermore, we’ve all seen how communities can crumble in the absence of strong families. And yet . . .Continue reading “Water Is Thicker Than Blood”

The Joy That Jesus Brings

It’s an understatement to that the Pharisees and teachers of the law didn’t know what to make of Jesus. They didn’t come anywhere close to seeing Him for what He was. He wasn’t Someone who had come tweak their system a bit here and there—He called for a radical revisioning of things (Mark 2:21-22 and the Sermon onContinue reading “The Joy That Jesus Brings”

Saying Goodbye To Your Pigs

The man from Decapolis that Mark tells us about is anything but free before he meets Jesus (Mark 5:1ff). He lives in the tombs—among the dead, because for all intents and purposes that’s what he is. But it hasn’t always been this way. He once had a life. After all, he’s someone’s son, grandson, probablyContinue reading “Saying Goodbye To Your Pigs”

Perception Isn’t Always Reality

What if God had a Twitter account?  That would be pretty interesting, wouldn’t it? If God was on Twitter, I think there are a few things we could predict with reasonable certainty. The first things is that just about everyone would be “following Him” in the Twitter sense and all of His tweets would goContinue reading “Perception Isn’t Always Reality”

Lord Of The Tombs

He was someone’s son, someone’s nephew, someone’s cousin, perhaps someone’s husband, and maybe someone’s father.  And everything they knew to do for him had been done—even though it must have been incredibly painful to put your someone you love in chains and have him under constant guard.  Still, his condition left them no choice. Others had toContinue reading “Lord Of The Tombs”

Learning To Listen To God (2)

Our distraction bubble is the sum total of things that are competing for our attention. It is sights sounds and screens to be sure, but it is more than environmental noise. It consists of our inner voice—you know, the one that is constantly telling you what you what you should or shouldn’t be doing rightContinue reading “Learning To Listen To God (2)”