Reaching Out To Jesus

Here’s the wonderful story of Mark 5:25-34 put into verse. I’ve found that doing this helps me get deeper into the story and see it in new ways. I hope you will find it helpful in some way. Reaching Out To Jesus Twelve years, painful isolation, finances drained, spiraling frustration. Yet somehow there was stillContinue reading “Reaching Out To Jesus”

Is He Amazed By Us?

What would we think about Jesus if He walked among us today as He did in among the people in first century Palestine? The answer isn’t difficult—I think we would be amazed by Him. That’s what Mark tells us over and over in his gospel: The people were amazed at His teaching . . .Continue reading “Is He Amazed By Us?”

When A Little Water Gets In Your Boat

The familiar story of Jesus calming the storm is presented by Mark through a series of contrasts (4:35-41). There is an initial contrast in the early actions of the story (Jesus is asleep while the disciples are afraid). Then there is the contrast between their question (“Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?”) and Jesus’Continue reading “When A Little Water Gets In Your Boat”

Mark And Chronology

Although Mark follows a general chronological approach in recounting of the story of Jesus (as do the other gospel writers), he’s not married to it. More to the point, he never claims to be.   So, it’s a serious error to think that Mark somehow isn’t inspired because absolutely every detail isn’t arranged chronologically. Though weContinue reading “Mark And Chronology”

He Cares!

As the Jewish leaders plotted His death, Jesus withdrew to a presumably remote part of Lake Galilee (Mark 3:7). While the leaders may not have been up to pursuing Him at this time, the people of the area were—although for completely different reasons. Then, when news spread about “all He was doing” (v. 8), moreContinue reading “He Cares!”

The Glories Of God’s Kingdom

The story featuring the question to Jesus about fasting is the third in a series of five stories of conflict (Mark 2:1-3:6). The first two stories (the healing of the paralyzed man, Jesus eating with tax collectors and sinners) celebrate the power and scope of forgiveness in the kingdom (2:1-17), while the last two (theContinue reading “The Glories Of God’s Kingdom”

Kingdom Authority

One of the things Mark wants us to see in the first chapter of his gospel has to do with the kingdom authority Jesus possesses. The people of Rome knew all about kingdom power in the sense of “might makes right,” but Mark shows them something radically different in Jesus. With his quote of IsaiahContinue reading “Kingdom Authority”

Not Even Close!

The ecosystem Mark constructs in chapter one of his gospel is . . . well, it’s overwhelming. While chapters weren’t part of original text (they came later), nonetheless, what the Spirit guided Mark to include in the portion of his gospel we refer to as the first chapter is nothing short of amazing. If youContinue reading “Not Even Close!”

A Rebel And The Prince Of Peace

Rome didn’t crucify thieves. Crucifixion was reserved for crimes against the state. It was their way of saying, Mess with us and this is what will happen. From the state’s point of view (not necessarily Pilate’s), Jesus was crucified because He was perceived to be an enemy of Rome. He was a king, and as such, potentially a threat to themContinue reading “A Rebel And The Prince Of Peace”

Breaking Open The Jar

It was “very expensive perfume” (Mark 14:3). Her critics said it was worth more than a year’s wages (v. 5). Perhaps in their anger they were exaggerating as people have been known to do when objecting to something, so let’s put it at a year’s wages. I found some perfume online from Bloomingdale’s that isContinue reading “Breaking Open The Jar”