The Blessing Of Mourning

Preachers are privileged to see life in all of its rawness as well as refinement.  The refinement part tends to be the Sunday pageantry you see—people in their best and at their best. I have no problem with that. I know the good people against organized religion tend to think it’s all hypocrisy.  It can be and sometimes isContinue reading “The Blessing Of Mourning”

Something To Think About

The Beatitudes are rich with multiple layers of meaning.  Here’s a paraphrase I did a while back in an effort to uncover some of the treasures found in them.  I hope it makes you think.  Better yet, maybe it will make you want to try coming up with your own paraphrase.  Blessed are those who recognize their spiritual poverty, theyContinue reading “Something To Think About”

Streamlining For The Kingdom

In 1981, three people got together at a restaurant and sketched out on a napkin an idea for an airplane. But it wasn’t just any airplane that Dick Rutan, his brother Burt, and Jeana Yeager had in mind. This one would be capable of doing what no plane had ever done before—fly around the worldContinue reading “Streamlining For The Kingdom”

Standing In The Storm

Followers of Jesus are no strangers to storms!  They struggle with illness and disease, disability, hardship, discouragement, and every other affliction that is known to man.  Belonging to Christ does not grant them immunity or exemption from any of these (though you wouldn’t always get that impression by listening to some of our prayers).  There may be no atheistsContinue reading “Standing In The Storm”

Say What You Mean

You have my word on it. Does that mean anything today?  Hopefully, it does.  Hopefully, it means that you meant what you said, that you can be trusted, that people can count on you. The sad truth though is that we live in a world where the truth isn’t always the truth.  We live in a world ofContinue reading “Say What You Mean”

Righteousness And The Kingdom Of Heaven

The Sermon on the Mount is an extended conversation about righteousness. Jesus uses the word five times in the three chapters that comprise the SOTM but in actuality the idea is in just about every verse. The righteousness He is speaking of is what happens when God’s kingdom comes and His will is done onContinue reading “Righteousness And The Kingdom Of Heaven”

Rescue From The Heart Of Darkness

In the model prayer Jesus gave His disciples, we are told to pray that God will “lead us not into temptation.” This strikes many people as a little strange because it seems to suggest that without this petition, God would lead us into temptation—a conclusion that is clearly out of sync with God’s character (1 JohnContinue reading “Rescue From The Heart Of Darkness”

Pure In Heart, Powerful In Vision

What did Christ mean when He spoke of being pure in heart? (Matthew 5:8)?  Was He saying that if and when our heart becomes morally pure enough, we’ll get to see our Father?  Did He mean for us to grit our teeth, confess our present unworthiness, and resolve to become more pure—all the while realizing that we’ll neverContinue reading “Pure In Heart, Powerful In Vision”