There’s Within My Heart A Melody

Our church had a singing recently. It was one of those where we had the opportunity to request our favorites. Only instead of calling out the name of the song, we called out the number in the songbook (as we always do). So on this particular occasion there was a flurry of “number calling” asContinue reading “There’s Within My Heart A Melody”

“We Treat You Like Family”

This seems to be the slogan of every other business. I did a search of the phrase and the first page showed it was used by a car dealership, a medical center, a bank, and a real estate company. Sports teams also speak of their fanbases as family. (Although I have yet to find aContinue reading ““We Treat You Like Family””

Coming Attractions

“Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity!” (Psalm 133:1 ESV). To say that brothers don’t always dwell together in unity is an understatement. The biblical witness provides us with too many examples of this sad truth. There was Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau and Joseph and his brothers.Continue reading “Coming Attractions”

A Better Idea

Psalm 132 does more than look back—it also points forward. And just as David is the subject of the backward look, he is also the subject their future hopes. Sort of. No sooner had David successfully relocated the ark of the covenant in Jerusalem, then he embarked on another project—to build a house (temple) forContinue reading “A Better Idea”

Something to Sing About

When you look at a series or a group of anything, there are usually one or two that don’t quite fit into the category as neatly as the others do. They’re not outliers, but they stand out a bit. That’s Psalm 132. It is different from the other psalms of ascent in at least aContinue reading “Something to Sing About”

Childish or Child-like?

There’s an intriguing picture in Psalm 131. It is offered to further develop and reveal the pilgrims’ perspective as they neared Jerusalem. After confessing they had steered clear of presumptuous matters (“things too wonderful for me”), we are told, “I am like a weaned child with its mother.” Not simply a child—but a weaned child.Continue reading “Childish or Child-like?”

State of the Heart

Psalm 131 consists of a mere fifty-nine words parceled out over three verses (NIV). Because of this, there is the temptation to treat it like a headline—grab the central thought and move on. We’d be poorer for doing so though because the psalms aren’t spiritual fast food. They are not meant to be gulped downContinue reading “State of the Heart”

Morning Always Comes!

When the psalmist writes in 130:1, “out of the depths I cry to you, Lord;” he is speaking as someone who is utterly overwhelmed by life—and acutely aware of it. He is despondent, despairing, and desperate. He is “where death prevails instead of life as prospect and power” (Mays). He doesn’t need to get inContinue reading “Morning Always Comes!”