Torah Righteousness Vs. True Righteousness (2)

As Paul had previously mentioned (3:21,31), the Torah did bear witness to a righteousness beyond itself and that brings us to “the righteousness that is by faith.” He takes up this point in 10:6 when he quotes Deuteronomy 30 to make his case. And how does the text quoted (v. 12-14) point to the righteousnessContinue reading “Torah Righteousness Vs. True Righteousness (2)”

Torah Righteousness Vs. True Righteousness (1)

Sometimes things work out exactly like we think they will. We can see how circumstances are lining up and the outcome seems quite predictable before it happens. For example, in the area where we live if the weather gets too warm too early in the year, it’s almost inevitable that bad storms that spawning highContinue reading “Torah Righteousness Vs. True Righteousness (1)”

They Don’t Get Me (2)

1.  Practice acceptance. Paul tells begins and ends the section by telling them to accept each other with all of their “baggage” (14:1, 15:7). A little acceptance goes a long way. Moreover, if God has accepted us then there’s no reason why we can’t be accepting of each other (14:3-4). 2. Be flexible. The reason the Golden Gate BridgeContinue reading “They Don’t Get Me (2)”

They Don’t Get Me (1)

Who hasn’t said or thought these words at one time or another? We say them because we think that someone doesn’t understand or appreciate us and as a result we feel a little disconnected and isolated.  And it happens to everyone: young, middle-aged, old, male, female, black, white, Hispanic—it’s non-discriminatory. But there’s good news: it’sContinue reading “They Don’t Get Me (1)”

The Real, The Right, And The Wrong

The twelfth chapter of Romans makes for some inspirational reading. It begins with a challenge for disciples to “offer your bodies as a living sacrifice” and concludes by telling us “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” In between, it is chock full of all manner of practical instruction for dailyContinue reading “The Real, The Right, And The Wrong”

The Flagship Nation And Oneness In Christ

The leading ship in a fleet is known as the flagship. It is typically the largest, most well-armed ship in the fleet. It is called a flagship because it flies a flag indicating the presence of the fleet commander on board. For 1500 years God had a definite two-track arrangement among the nations. There wasContinue reading “The Flagship Nation And Oneness In Christ”

Living The Gospel

One of Paul’s conclusions to his discussion in Romans 9-11 is that “God has bound everyone over to disobedience so that He may have mercy on them all” (v. 32). If you’ve been reading through Romans you wouldn’t be too surprised by this statement because the letter is saturated with grace, mercy and forgiveness. NeitherContinue reading “Living The Gospel”

Life Assurance

Checked your telomeres recently? Telomeres are the end caps of chromosomes. They protect them and have been likened to the plastic tips on shoelaces. When telomeres shorten, become frayed or thin out, it adversely effects cell development and accelerates the aging process. Therefore, the longer your telomeres are, the lower your biological age is—regardless ofContinue reading “Life Assurance”

“I’ve Never Seen That Before!”

I hope it hasn’t been too long since you said or thought these words. Part of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus is to live with our eyes wide open. Life isn’t boring. We don’t need to be dependent upon others to entertain us. There is wonder all around us if weContinue reading ““I’ve Never Seen That Before!””