The Scripture and Gender (3)

What does it mean to be masculine and what does it mean to be feminine? How do we guide our sons and daughters in this important area? In a previous post, I touched on some important basic truths: With these things in mind, let’s dig into some meaningful specifics.  1. We should think of ourContinue reading “The Scripture and Gender (3)”

Jesus and Bumper Sticker Theology

I have no wish to be offensive or insensitive in what follows, but there is also no need to equivocate or be anything less than straightforward in regard to Jesus’ teaching about sexuality. Listen to what He said in Mark 10:6-8: “But at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female.’ ‘For this reasonContinue reading “Jesus and Bumper Sticker Theology”

In The Beginning . . .

The importance of going back to the beginning. Suppose some people are having a disagreement. Something isn’t right and they are having trouble working it out. They come to you for some help. What are you going to do (after you say a quick prayer)? You’re going to find out how and when their difficultiesContinue reading “In The Beginning . . .”

A Great Place to Start

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Eve, and then Adam, committed relational infidelity against God when they asserted their autonomy and deified their desire. They decided they could and would act independently of Gods’ loving will for them and pursue their own agenda.   That in a nutshell, is the historyContinue reading “A Great Place to Start”

Life Wins!

That’s what happened today when the Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade (and Casey) and ended almost 50 years of federal support of abortion. The essence of the majority ruling penned by Justice Alito is that there is not and has never been a constitutional basis (right) for abortion. There has been no issue thatContinue reading “Life Wins!”

Learning The Hard Way

FINA, the organization that oversees watersports competition, recently came up with a third category for sanctioned contests. In addition to the classifications of men and women, there will now be an open division where those who with gender dysphoria* will compete. The creation of this category is in direct response to the obvious competitive disadvantagesContinue reading “Learning The Hard Way”

The Day Has Arrived

In the confirmation hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson this week, she was asked if she could provide a definition for the word woman. Jackson demurred saying, “I’m not a biologist.” There’s a lot to unpack here—confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominees have sadly regressed to the opposing party using the occasion to air theirContinue reading “The Day Has Arrived”

Same Sex Relationships

Our culture increasingly recognizes fewer and fewer sexual boundaries. The idea of abstinence before marriage is laughed at and mocked by many (though it’s no laughing matter with God – Hebrews 13:4). Adultery is taken only a bit more seriously, and in the last few decades we have entered into an “anything goes” mentality thatContinue reading “Same Sex Relationships”

The Scripture And Gender (2)

Gender Traits 1. There are those that are defining of gender and absolute. These are anatomical differences—men have testicles, penises, and prostate glands, while women have ovaries, vaginas, and breasts. Then there are significant hormonal differences in terms of testosterone and estrogen. There are many more biological differences like these that are not open toContinue reading “The Scripture And Gender (2)”

The Scripture and Gender (1)

There is so much more to gender than what is covered in most discussions. The subject is as rich and deep as we are. There’s nothing definitive in what follows but I hope it helps us to catch something of the breadth of the topic. Biologically speaking 1. God created man as male and female.Continue reading “The Scripture and Gender (1)”