Who Do You Think You Are (Revelation)

Flannery O’Connor wrote Revelation as she lay in a hospital bed dying from complications of lupus. Most of the story takes place in a doctor’s crowded waiting room where the central character (Mrs. Turpin) is there with her husband for his doctor’s appointment. As she chats with another lady who is there with her college-aged daughter, theContinue reading “Who Do You Think You Are (Revelation)”

When God Owns Your History

Although lupus took her life at the age of thirty-nine, Flannery O’Connor wrote two novels and thirty-two short stories that garnered several awards and honors. She was a Roman Catholic and made no secret about it or apologies for it (“I write the way I do because I am a Catholic”). Due to her illnessContinue reading “When God Owns Your History”

War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds was written by H. G. Wells in 1898. Though it hardly raises an eyebrow by today’s standards, it was pretty heady stuff then. England was at the height of its imperialism and creatures from another planet would be considered about the only qualified candidates to take down the Empire. Scientists were speculatingContinue reading “War of the Worlds”

The Resurrection and “Surprised by Hope”

Surprised by Hope (N. T. Wright), was published in 2008.  I came across it about a year later and was so impacted by it that I immediately put together a series of messages on the resurrection and the profound truths that flow from it. It wasn’t that I didn’t have some understanding of these things prior toContinue reading “The Resurrection and “Surprised by Hope””

The Possible Dream

Miguel Cervantes is known to us for the literary masterpiece, Don Quixote. The Spanish writer was born in the mid-sixteenth century and from what we are able to reconstruct of his life, it was as interesting and colorful as the characters he wrote about. Cervantes was one of seven children. His father was a barber-surgeon atContinue reading “The Possible Dream”

The Challenge of Change

Toward the end of Les Miserables, Inspector Javert, the thorough going man of law and order for whom no grey area is possible, has his life saved by Jean Valjean—a man he has been pursuing for a decade. To make matters worse, Valjean then surrenders himself to Javert and to everyone’s astonishment (including himself), Javert turnsContinue reading “The Challenge of Change”

Recalled to Life

In A Tale of Two Cities, Jarvis Lorry works for Tellson’s Bank and is traveling by carriage from London to Dover. A messenger overtakes the carriage and delivers a note telling him he is to stay in Dover to meet with a client. The client is Lucie Manette, who has been the ward of the bank almostContinue reading “Recalled to Life”

Of Hope and Healing

When we think about our military men and women in fighting situations (wherever that might be), we know they’re in difficult circumstances. War makes for that, doesn’t it? About a century and half ago, our country knew not just war–but an internal one, which pitted neighbor against neighbor. There are even records of families that had membersContinue reading “Of Hope and Healing”