Aaahh, Joseph!

The angel tells Joseph that his beloved Mary is pregnant not by another man as he has supposed, but by the Holy Spirit of God (Matthew 1:20). Matthew lines their situation up with Isaiah’s prophecy, “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son,” (1:23/Isaiah 7:14). Joseph has two things to do: accept MaryContinue reading “Aaahh, Joseph!”

Last Meals and Living Hope

Asleep at the Wheel is the name of a group that plays western swing music. Several years ago they recorded a song called Last Meal. It is a fictitious account of a man on death row about to be executed. However, before his execution can take place, the warden tells him he gets a lastContinue reading “Last Meals and Living Hope”


Background on Deuteronomy Stepping into the Story Someone We Can Relate To (3:23-26) Living in the Land of Promise (6:4) Words for the Wilderness (6:13,16, 8:3) Facing the Anakites (9:1-3) Thinking About the Tithe (14:22ff) Tender Hearts and Open Hands (15:1-11) How to be a King (17:14-20) The Kingdom of More (17:16-17) Community, Justice, &Continue reading “Deuteronomy”