The Scripture and Gender (3)

What does it mean to be masculine and what does it mean to be feminine? How do we guide our sons and daughters in this important area? In a previous post, I touched on some important basic truths: With these things in mind, let’s dig into some meaningful specifics.  1. We should think of ourContinue reading “The Scripture and Gender (3)”

Holding Out for a Hero

Joseph Campbell spent his entire life reading, writing, studying, and lecturing about mythology. For Campbell, mythology was much more than just stories from the Egyptians, Greeks, or Romans — it embraced historical figures as well as fictitious ones. Someone asked him one time why there were so many stories of heroes in mythology and CampbellContinue reading “Holding Out for a Hero”

Aaahh, Joseph!

The angel tells Joseph that his beloved Mary is pregnant not by another man as he has supposed, but by the Holy Spirit of God (Matthew 1:20). Matthew lines their situation up with Isaiah’s prophecy, “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son,” (1:23/Isaiah 7:14). Joseph has two things to do: accept MaryContinue reading “Aaahh, Joseph!”

Last Meals and Living Hope

Asleep at the Wheel is the name of a group that plays western swing music. Several years ago they recorded a song called Last Meal. It is a fictitious account of a man on death row about to be executed. However, before his execution can take place, the warden tells him he gets a lastContinue reading “Last Meals and Living Hope”


Background on Deuteronomy Stepping into the Story Someone We Can Relate To (3:23-26) Living in the Land of Promise (6:4) Facing the Anakites (9:1-3) Thinking About the Tithe (14:22ff) Tender Hearts and Open Hands (15:1-11) How to be a King (17:14-20) The Kingdom of More (17:16-17) Community, Justice, & Truth Telling (19:15-21) Truth Telling (19:15-21)Continue reading “Deuteronomy”