At The Movies

Atonement (Atonement) Be A Blessing (Schindler’s List) Bearing The Suffering Of Others (Dunkirk) Believes All Things (The Miracle Worker) Better Days Are Coming (Places in the Heart) Buckling Up (The Bourne Identity) Celebrating True Adventure (We Bought A Zoo) Checked Your Anchor Lately (Hereafter) Christ On The Waterfront (On The Waterfront) Consider Yourself At HomeContinue reading “At The Movies”


Giving God Fast Prayers “God Answered Our Prayer!” Israel, The Pharisees, And Prayer Lead Us In Prayer Living A Fast Paced Life (1) Living A Fast Paced Life (2) Merging Our Letter With God’s (1) Merging Our Letter With God’s (2) Nice Prayers Or Good Prayers? Prayer And The Sick Praying Wisely Shaking Things Up

Seven Miles From Jerusalem

Two disciples are heading to Emmaus (a village about seven miles from Jerusalem) where presumably they’ve been attending the Passover Feast. But that’s not what’s on their hearts and minds. They are thinking about Jesus and how He was turned over to the Romans for crucifixion by the Jewish leaders. As if things could getContinue reading “Seven Miles From Jerusalem”

Changing the World

Submission is a prominent theme in 1 Peter. He speaks of the younger being submissive to the older (5:5), wives to their husbands (3:1,5), slaves to their masters (2:18) and disciples to civil authorities (2:13). Additionally, there are other places where he uses the word “humble” to urge submissive conduct (3:8,5:5-6). The central section whereContinue reading “Changing the World”