Calling All Dads

Dads, Let me go ahead and wish you a Happy Fathers’ Day! You don’t need me to tell you that being a father today is as challenging as it has ever been. Our children receive so many compromised and destructive messages from our culture. In that light, I wanted to encourage and challenge you toContinue reading “Calling All Dads”

At The Movies

Atonement (Atonement) Be A Blessing (Schindler’s List) Bearing The Suffering Of Others (Dunkirk) Believes All Things (The Miracle Worker) Better Days Are Coming (Places in the Heart) Buckling Up (The Bourne Identity) Celebrating True Adventure (We Bought A Zoo) Checked Your Anchor Lately (Hereafter) Christ On The Waterfront (On The Waterfront) Consider Yourself At HomeContinue reading “At The Movies”

Read About It

* Discipled Lives (The Old Man and the Sea) *  Diving for Pearls (The Pearl Diver) *  Of Hope and Healing (Across Five Aprils) *  Recalled to Life (A Tale of Two Cities) *  The Challenge of Change (Les Miserables) *  The Joy of Sharing (The Grapes of Wrath) *  The Possible Dream (Don Quixote) *  The resurrection and Surprised by Hope *  The wounds of love (The SelfishContinue reading “Read About It”