The Greatest of These

The situation at Corinth wasn’t so different than what we find today—at least in general terms. Those who were gifted in regard to knowledge, the ability to prophesy, speaking in tongues or something else had become puffed up and arrogant in regard to their status in the community of disciples. They believed their gifts meantContinue reading “The Greatest of These”

What Will They Remember About Us?

Anyone who has lived in Arkansas knows who Paul Eells was. Before his death, he was the “voice of the Razorbacks” for almost thirty years, Sports Director at KATV in Little Rock for the same period of time, and Arkansas Sportscaster of the Year eleven times. The Wikipedia page on him probably sums it up best when itContinue reading “What Will They Remember About Us?”

Love and Spaghetti Trees

It was several years ago that the BBC ran a piece about a bumper spaghetti crop in Switzerland. There had been a confluence of ideal conditions for the Swiss farmers:  a mild winter, the nefarious spaghetti weevil was practically non-existent that particular year, and the Swiss, long known for their precision, had developed a strain of spaghettiContinue reading “Love and Spaghetti Trees”

Learning to Love

The following are from the book, Children’s letters to God by Stuart Hample and Eric Marshall: Dear God, If we come back as something, please don’t let me be Jennifer Horton because I hate her.  (Denise) Dear God, My brother is a rat.  You should give him a tail.  Ha ha.  (Danny) Dear God, Please send Dennis Clark to aContinue reading “Learning to Love”

Building the Patience Bridge

Years ago I heard a college president speak to a group of honor students. He congratulated them on their academic achievements and then went on to make the point that what would determine whether or not they would be successful in their chosen fields would be the utilization of their soft skills. He noted thatContinue reading “Building the Patience Bridge”

Learning about Love

Connie is my mother-in-law. She is 95 and has been in the memory loss unit of an assisted living home in Huntsville for a number of years. As with most people with dementia, she has days that are good and days that aren’t. This past Christmas was our turn in “the rotation,” which as anyContinue reading “Learning about Love”