Matthew 24 And Loving In Adversity

There were three Jewish revolts against the Romans in the late first and early second centuries. There was the Bar-Kokhba Revolt (AD 132-136), the Kitos War (AD 115-117) and the first Jewish revolt (AD 66-73), often referred to as the Great Revolt. It is the Great Revolt (and specifically the destruction of Jerusalem in ADContinue reading “Matthew 24 And Loving In Adversity”

The God Who Believes In Man (1)

I remember something remarkable in the College Softball World Series a few years ago. I’ve been interested and involved sports all of my life so there’s not much that genuinely impresses me—but this did. Here was the situation:  the score was 2-0 and it was in the bottom of the fourth inning of a seven inning game. The team that was trailingContinue reading “The God Who Believes In Man (1)”