Thinking About The Resurrection

The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is one of the core beliefs of the Christian faith. As such, it has profound implications for us. Here are three. 1. Our body is an essential art of our identity. There’s a little saying that goes something like this: We’re not human beings on a spiritual journey,Continue reading “Thinking About The Resurrection”

Checked Your Anchor Lately (Hereafter)

What happens after we die? Is there anyone who isn’t interested in this question? And, is there anything definitive that can be said or do we just have to wait and see what happens? For most of us, this is one of those areas where we have many more questions than answers. Part of the human conditionContinue reading “Checked Your Anchor Lately (Hereafter)”

Until He Comes

Francis Scott Key was a lawyer in the Baltimore-DC area and something of a Washington insider. He served as the United States District Attorney for the District of Columbia during the Jackson administration. Of course, we know him best as the man who wrote the words to our national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner. InContinue reading “Until He Comes”