The Christian faith has existed for 2,000 years. Nations, kingdoms, and empires have risen and fallen, but the kingdom of Jesus still stands. Not only does it stand, but it covers the earth—and this despite the fact that numerous attempts have been made down through the centuries to exterminate it.  How is this so? IContinue reading “Rooted”


If there is anything disciples should hold near and dear to their heart, it’s a message about overcoming. After all, it doesn’t always feel or seem as if we’re overcoming, does it? And there are times when we’re convinced it is anything but that. We feel overwhelmed, discouraged, and quite possibly, defeated. At such times,Continue reading “Overcoming”

A Sprig Of Grass And A Message Of Hope

The refurbished stadium was state of the art. The field was made of synthetic turf. The three story field house was equipped with a large weight room and an indoor practice field. There was a video scoreboard to show replays of anything you missed. And the track around the field had one of those cushionyContinue reading “A Sprig Of Grass And A Message Of Hope”