Making Sense of 1 Peter

There are a lot of moving parts in 1 Peter so that as you make your way through the letter it can seem like a hodgepodge of loosely related discussions rather than s single. cohesive message. After all, he moves from “inexpressible and glorious joy” (1:8), to submitting to the civil authorities (2:13), to ChristContinue reading “Making Sense of 1 Peter”

Living out the Story

Submission is a word that is offensive to many. It speaks of oppression, abuse and other relational evils. Unfortunately, there‚Äôs too much truth to that take. People have abused power and privilege in relationships from the beginning of time. We are all all-too-familiar with the sad stories we have heard too frequently from too manyContinue reading “Living out the Story”

Changing the World

Submission is a prominent theme in 1 Peter. He speaks of the younger being submissive to the older (5:5), wives to their husbands (3:1,5), slaves to their masters (2:18) and disciples to civil authorities (2:13). Additionally, there are other places where he uses the word “humble” to urge submissive conduct (3:8,5:5-6). The central section whereContinue reading “Changing the World”