Teaching or Trivializing?

On the counter at the retail place was a picture of a family and a description of a crisis they were going through. If you wanted to help them out financially you could put your contribution in one of two jars—either the one marked Alabama or Auburn. Let me say at this point that IContinue reading “Teaching or Trivializing?”

Unity and Diversity

As our mission team made its way through the airport in Atlanta, we received several quizzical looks and a few questions. Most people wanted to know if we were actually traveling with each other or if circumstances had somehow conspired to bring two people wearing Alabama colors together with two people wearing Auburn colors. (I was temptedContinue reading “Unity and Diversity”

Come and See

We were on a once-in-a-lifetime family trip to Greece. Our youngest daughter was there as part of her university’s international study program. Everyone had been counting their nickels for quite some time (even having a home-made gift exchange the previous Christmas). Janice and I flew to Raleigh where our oldest daughter and her husband live. From there we flewContinue reading “Come and See”