Is He Amazed By Us?

What would we think about Jesus if He walked among us today as He did in among the people in first century Palestine? The answer isn’t difficult—I think we would be amazed by Him. That’s what Mark tells us over and over in his gospel: The people were amazed at His teaching . . .Continue reading “Is He Amazed By Us?”

Not Even Close!

The ecosystem Mark constructs in chapter one of his gospel is . . . well, it’s overwhelming. While chapters weren’t part of original text (they came later), nonetheless, what the Spirit guided Mark to include in the portion of his gospel we refer to as the first chapter is nothing short of amazing. If youContinue reading “Not Even Close!”

Perception Isn’t Always Reality

What if God had a Twitter account?  That would be pretty interesting, wouldn’t it? If God was on Twitter, I think there are a few things we could predict with reasonable certainty. The first things is that just about everyone would be “following Him” in the Twitter sense and all of His tweets would goContinue reading “Perception Isn’t Always Reality”