Background On The Twelve Prophets

When the earliest of the Twelve (whoever that was) began their ministry in the latter part of the eighth century BC, God’s covenant people were almost two centuries into their time as a divided kingdom. The northern kingdom of ten tribes (referred to as Israel, Ephraim, or Samaria), had plunged into idolatry and numerous otherContinue reading “Background On The Twelve Prophets”

Aah . . . Hope

The Assyrian king, Tiglath-Pileser III, stormed into the Mediterranean region and by 732 BC he had broken the Aramean-Israel alliance and captured Damascus. Northern Israel (i.e., the cities of Galilee) fell next, followed by Gilead. Following Assyrian custom, the people were deported and foreigners were brought in to occupy the land. (Conquered lands were much easier to controlContinue reading “Aah . . . Hope”