Not Even Close!

The ecosystem Mark constructs in chapter one of his gospel is . . . well, it’s overwhelming. While chapters weren’t part of original text (they came later), nonetheless, what the Spirit guided Mark to include in the portion of his gospel we refer to as the first chapter is nothing short of amazing. If youContinue reading “Not Even Close!”

Called And Claimed (2)

There’s a bit more to Matthew’s story though.  Maybe it would be more accurate to say that there’s a bit more of Matthew in the wonderful story he’s have us to know about Jesus.    At the center of Matthew’s story of the Messiah is his own story that reflects what lies at the heart of Jesus’Continue reading “Called And Claimed (2)”

Why does God need to be worshiped?

A reader has this comment and question: God looks down upon self worship . . . He looks down upon things being idolized . . . He looks down upon being conceited or putting ones self above others. So, why does he ask us to worship him? Does it not go against every set ofContinue reading “Why does God need to be worshiped?”