Baptism And Wedding Vows

If you listen closely to the vows couples exchange during a wedding ceremony (whether they are traditional or ones they have written), they all have the same intent and purpose and say the same thing. They are promises that each will commit themselves to the attitudes and actions conducive to happy, healthy marriage. No oneContinue reading “Baptism And Wedding Vows”

The Showdown On Spiritual Authority

The issue in Mark 11:27ff is one of spiritual authority and leadership. It was close to Passover and Jerusalem was overflowing with pilgrims who had come up for the feast. Jesus and His disciples were there. He had gone into the temple and disrupted the corrupt merchandising that was going on. Israel’s leaders were threatenedContinue reading “The Showdown On Spiritual Authority”

Press On!

You can find two types of people at the gym. The first group is easily identifiable. They are the ones huffing and puffing, sweating, possibly grunting, or making other noises. They are the people who came to the gym to work out. They are pushing themselves because well . . . that’s the whole pointContinue reading “Press On!”

Reflections On The Risen Life (1)

Did you ever see the moon in the sky at night and think you might like to go there? Did you ever wonder what it be like to set foot on it? Well, you certainly wouldn’t be the first person. The problem is there’s this force called gravity that keeps us earth bound and toContinue reading “Reflections On The Risen Life (1)”

Acting Up

Depending on your translation, Colossians 3:1 begins with a “Since, then,” an “If then,” or a “Therefore.” The point being that what Paul is about to say builds on something he has previously said. We don’t have to wonder what that antecedent is because Paul tells us—it’s the fact that we’ve been “raised with Christ”Continue reading “Acting Up”

Eight-Sided Baptisteries And The Resurrection Of Jesus

There are two rites/ceremonials acts that God has given the church: baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Both of these are simple actions that symbolize much deeper, greater realities. Singing is singing and praying is praying, but when it comes to baptism and the Supper, there’s something more than what meets the eye. There is water,Continue reading “Eight-Sided Baptisteries And The Resurrection Of Jesus”

No Reason To Go Back

Imagine you owe a mountain of money—much more than you can repay. It’s all your fault—you spent a little too much here, a little more there. You went through credit cards like they were candy. You didn’t plan for certain expenses you knew were coming. Before you knew it, you were in a hole youContinue reading “No Reason To Go Back”

Dying to See

Paul will tell the disciples in Rome they are to count themselves “dead to sin but alive to God” (6:11). He has previously spoken of baptism as being the place where they “died to sin” (v. 2) and were “baptized into His death” (v. 3)—that is, the death of Jesus. How so? Jesus’ death (andContinue reading “Dying to See”

Baptism and Coming to God (1)

1.  Baptism is the immersion in water of a penitent believer. Acts 8:36-39 says:  As they traveled along the road, they came to some water and the eunuch said, “Look, here is water. Why shouldn’t I be baptized?” And he gave orders to stop the  chariot. Then both Philip and the eunuch went down into the waterContinue reading “Baptism and Coming to God (1)”

Connecting with Church (2)

How does a person connect with God’s community (the church)? Since church is God’s community, it is entered into by coming into relationship with Him through Jesus. In the fifth chapter of Ephesians, Paul speaks of Jesus loving the church and giving Himself up for her (v. 25). He then says in v. 26, that Jesus cleansed her,Continue reading “Connecting with Church (2)”