This Is Love!

The Gnostic influencers John was opposing in 1 John were not known for their love. They were spiritual elitists. Anyone who was “in the know” as they were was okay, but everyone else was looked down upon in contempt. They were like some of the religious officials of Jesus’ day “who were confident of theirContinue reading “This Is Love!”

Don’t Put Air In That Balloon!

Little children love balloons.  I suppose they’re attracted to the bright colors, the texture and “give” when you push in on them, and most of all, by the way they magically float in the air.  But balloons are not much unless someone puts some air (helium) in them.  They’re just limp, lifeless, and uninspiring.  SomeoneContinue reading “Don’t Put Air In That Balloon!”

Rescue From The Heart Of Darkness

In the model prayer Jesus gave His disciples, we are told to pray that God will “lead us not into temptation.” This strikes many people as a little strange because it seems to suggest that without this petition, God would lead us into temptation—a conclusion that is clearly out of sync with God’s character (1 JohnContinue reading “Rescue From The Heart Of Darkness”

Growing a Greater Vision of God

The Tipping Point was Malcolm Gladwell’s debut book in 2000 and the first of five bestsellers. It probed the forces behind societal change and proposed to explain “how little things can make a big difference” (the book’s sub-title). For example, Gladwell popularized the broken-window theory. This theory says that when a window in a building isContinue reading “Growing a Greater Vision of God”

Thinking about Community (1)

The early chapters of Genesis have much to say about community. The inspired record has scarcely started when we read that “it is not good for the man to be alone,” (Genesis 2:18). While this statement points primarily towards the marriage relationship, it also expresses the larger truth that God made us for relationships. We are social beings. ThoughContinue reading “Thinking about Community (1)”

Rhubarb Pie and the Community of Christ

Do you remember the United States Army recruiting slogan, Army of One? If not, don’t feel bad—it wasn’t around too long. For those of you who don’t remember, it replaced the quite well known, Be all that you can be, motto that attracted young people into the service for two decades. Supposedly the marketing strategy behind Army ofContinue reading “Rhubarb Pie and the Community of Christ”