Thinking About the Tithe

Tithing is one of those things that can betray our approach to and understanding of the Old Testament if we’re not careful. It’s easy to note that it meant ten percent, assign to Israel an unconscious, semi-spiritual attitude and move on to making applications to our giving today. But as Lee Corso says, “Not soContinue reading “Thinking About the Tithe”

Red Sea Music

When we lived in South Carolina we were a little over an hour from the beach. We heard a lot about beach music and in fact, Pat Conroy later wrote a book with that title. The music was associated with Myrtle Beach and for a while (the eighties and nineties), it was quite popular. It’s still around butContinue reading “Red Sea Music”

This is where the tribes go up

We all recognize it’s a serious mistake to think that going to church is the biggest or most important part of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. Such a view overemphasizes our meetings and tends to trivialize all that takes place outside them. At its absolute worst, it can produce the bankruptContinue reading “This is where the tribes go up”