Back To The Garden (1)

One of the marks of the inspiration of the Scripture is that even though it consists of sixty-six different books (some quite different), written by approximately forty people, over a period of close to two thousand year years, it is not many stories, but one story.  Despite its incredible diversity, there is a transcendent unity thatContinue reading “Back To The Garden (1)”

Democracy And The Kingdom Of God (2)

So why does God have different roles for men and women when it comes to church? The better question to ask might be, why not? Once we get past the equality/ability issues, why wouldn’t God have different roles for us? Does everyone in your family have the same role? Why not? If this is so,Continue reading “Democracy And The Kingdom Of God (2)”

Why Did God Create Man?

God created man to bless him—fully, richly and deeply! In the creation account we hear words like blessed, fruitful, fill, subdue, rule over and I give all made in reference to him (Genesis 1:28-29). The highest expression of his favor lies in the fact that he is made to be an image-bearer of the Trinity (v. 27). Man may choose something less forContinue reading “Why Did God Create Man?”

Being a Woman is a Wonderful Thing (1)

Janice and I are blessed with two adult daughters and one granddaughter. We also have an adult son and four grandsons, but this little piece is not about the boys—it is all about the girls. It should pain our hearts deeply whenever women are mistreated—all the way from a failure to being appreciated to theContinue reading “Being a Woman is a Wonderful Thing (1)”