What Did Jesus Do? (1)

Paul makes no attempt to answer this question exhaustively—but what he does do is address it relative to the Colossians’ situation and circumstances. In effect, he draws a line from the cross to their lives. The other thing worth noting is the Jewishness of the context. Circumcision (v. 11, 13), old covenant ordinances (v. 16),Continue reading “What Did Jesus Do? (1)”

Grace and Coming to God

Our situation is this—we’re drowning in an ocean of our sins and misdeeds. None of us are “one sin” sinners, we’re all repeat offenders. If we’re to be saved, it won’t be because we do it ourselves. We’re too far from land, too weak to swim long, and too much in touch with reality to kid ourselves otherwise. IfContinue reading “Grace and Coming to God”

Dealing with the Detested

They detested the manna. That’s what Israel told God in Numbers 21:5. You remember they had been given the food in response to their grumbling (Exodus 16). After a while, they became bored with the blessing (Numbers 11), and then they reached the point of detesting it. As with all ungrateful people, they didn’t realizeContinue reading “Dealing with the Detested”

The Possibility of Glory

After Judas has left to betray Him, John tells us that Jesus begins to speak to His disciples of His coming death (13:31ff). It’s a lengthy, intimate conversation that stretches across three chapters. But maybe the most remarkable thing is how it begins. Jesus starts by telling them that His death is an occasion of glory. He usesContinue reading “The Possibility of Glory”

Let’s Live Like It!

Three times in the gospel of John, Jesus speaks of “the prince of this world” (12:31, 14:30, 16:11).  Although we’re drawn to “prince,” it’s the word “world” that’s most important to understand.  It is regularly used by John to refer to the system that is in opposition to God.  When John speaks of the world as involving the lust of the flesh, the lustContinue reading “Let’s Live Like It!”

The Part That Matters

When our oldest daughter was in first grade, I would drop her off at school on my way to work. Our daily trip took us by a large cemetery located in middle of town. Being six years old, she had a number of questions about it which I thought I did a decent job answering.   She wasn’t satisfied thoughContinue reading “The Part That Matters”