Background on Deuteronomy Stepping into the Story Someone We Can Relate To (3:23-26) Living in the Land of Promise (6:4) Facing the Anakites (9:1-3) Thinking About the Tithe (14:22ff) Tender Hearts and Open Hands (15:1-11) How to be a King (17:14-20) The Kingdom of More (17:16-17) Community, Justice, & Truth Telling (19:15-21) Truth Telling (19:15-21)Continue reading “Deuteronomy”

Digging Deep And Standing Tall

Weekend Edition of NPR ran a story about the rising rate of obesity in France.  It explained how this trend runs counter to the French culinary tradition of slow cooked meals of healthy foods eaten around the family table.  A finger was pointed in the direction of American culture as imported through movies and television and it wasContinue reading “Digging Deep And Standing Tall”